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Making a Better Life for Children in Tobacco-Growing Communities
News From the Field
In Malawi, 'Safe Places' Remove and Protect Children from Abuse

The Malawi government recently opened its first "safe place" in the Rumphi District. A safe place provides counseling and temporary shelter to victims of abuse. In so doing, it responds to a critical need in removing and protecting children from the worst forms of child labour.


The safe place was constructed by the Child Labour Elimination Actions for Real Change (CLEAR) Project, an ECLT Foundation-funded project in Malawi. The CLEAR project supported the government of Malawi in developing operational guidelines and regulations for the use of the safe place in order to ensure that it runs in accordance with the best interests of children it hosts.


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ECLT Foundation in Action
What the UNGPs Mean for Children's Rights


The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) cover children's rights, which are a core component of human rights. In the context of children rights, the UNGPs expect businesses to:

  • Operate in a manner that does not interfere or infringe children's rights
  • Commit to respecting children's rights
  • Translate such policy commitment into consistent, cross-cutting internal procedures
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Global Progress to End Child Labour
Fourth Child Labour Platform Moves Towards Concrete Deliverables

Representatives from the ECLT Foundation recently took part in the fourth Child Labour Platform meeting at the International Labour Office in Geneva. The meeting brought together about 30 representatives from major multinational corporations and commodity traders involved in commercial agriculture supply chains-including cocoa, sugar, paper, cotton and tobacco-plus the extractive and apparel industry, the International Labour Organization, and other United Nations officials.


Participants shared good practices and effective initiatives on child labour prevention and reviewed progress in numerous areas. 


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Message from the Executive Director
An Interview with Save the Children

I am happy to highlight the second part of an interview that the ECLT Foundation carried out with Asa Sjöberg Langner and Matthew Pickard of Save the Children.  


Matthew Pickard, who is implementing the ECLT Foundation-funded CLEAR Project in Malawi, shared useful data on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


For the full interview, click here.  

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