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Monthly Newsletter - 2015 Year in Review
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article1Exporting through AGOA - A Kenyan Factory Expands with AGOA, PHOTO STORY

AGOA = African Growth and Opportunity Act

United Aryan Limited (UAL) textile factory is located within a government-supported Export Processing Zone, six miles from Nairobi's city center. It is a leading Kenyan exporter of apparel to the U.S. and has been certified by a number of large U.S. retail chains, including Levi Strauss & Co and VF Corporation. In 2004, the year before USAID sponsored UAL at its first American trade show, annual UAL sales were $13.4 million. Today, UAL annual sales are nearly $50 million.

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article2Opportunities for Sourcing from Africa, VIDEO
Madagascar and Mauritius

Looking for AGOA-eligible, export-ready countries? View our video to see what Madagascar and Mauritius have to offer.

article3AGOA Impact, VIDEO

View the Hub's video on the importance of AGOA in driving economic growth and creating job opportunities.

AGOA was recently reauthorized for 10 years, the longest in history, sending a strong signal that the United States is deeply committed to expanding its trade relationship with Africa.  
The Hub has been providing transaction advisory services since May 2015. To learn more about our services, watch this video.

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Standout sectors = Agribusiness and Enabling Industries

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article4The Importance of SPS Measures, PHOTO STORY

SPS measures guide the production, processing and handling of plant, animal and food products traded across borders. Appropriate sanitary and phytosanitary measures can stimulate agricultural production, accelerate broader economic growth and decrease poverty. View our photo story.

On December 11, the Hub, in partnership with the Tanzania's Private Sector Association, Ministry of East African Cooperation, and Ministry of Industry and Trade, held a public private dialogue (PPD) on the implementation of the East African Community (EAC) Common Market Protocol in Tanzania.

The PPD brought together Tanzania's private sector players, industry regulators and government ministries with responsibilities connected to the Protocol.

Watch the video.

In this videoHub Senior Economist, Alfred Ombudo K'Ombudo discusses financial integration, its importance, and what the Hub is doing to help achieve free movement of capital.  

View the Hub's infographic on why the EAC Common Market Protocol matters.

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The East Africa Trade and Investment Hub supports two U.S. presidential initiatives:

Trade Africa
is a partnership between the United States and sub-Saharan Africa to increase internal and regional trade within Africa, and expand trade and economic ties among Africa, the United States, and other global markets.

Feed the Future
strives to increase agricultural production and the incomes of both men and women in rural areas who rely on agriculture for their livelihoods. Investments in inclusive agriculture-led growth encompass improving agricultural productivity, expanding markets and trade, and increasing the economic resilience of vulnerable rural communities.
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