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Message from the SLA President

Hello SLA Members,

The news story of the summer seems to be the forest fires in the north and the many people evacuated and displaced.  Libraries are stepping up and doing for visiting evacuees what they do every day in their communities:  helping people find information and leisure reading resources, access programming and lifelong learning, and helping people connect to family and friends through electronic means.  Thank you goes out to all of those library folks who are helping people in distress.  I am proud to be working alongside you.
The SLA 2015-2016 BoardBack: James Hope Howard, Brad Doerksen, Michael ShiresFront: Gwen Schmidt, Sean Brooks, Eleanor Crumblehulme, Nancy MacKenzie, Alison Jantz

The old and new SLA Board met in Davidson, SK, in the Davidson Public Library in June, to hand over the reins and get oriented.  We also started early last year forming committees, and SLA's committees are now formed for the year.  It was great to have such a surge of members interested in joining committees; thank you for helping us out.  In turn, I hope you have fun and meet some new colleagues while you do this important work.

Speaking of fun, we enjoyed ourselves so much at the last 'Saskatchewan Libraries Happy Hour', that we are going to do it again!  Same time, same night, all over Saskatchewan, library folks will drink and talk and tweet and skype and eat together.  Save the date - Thursday, November 5th - and consider hosting a Happy Hour in your community.  We will pay for the snacks! 

Last year, we dusted off the SLA Continuing Education Grants that you can apply for, and made them all spiffy and full of promise.  Right now, I want you to think about applying for a grant!  You could apply for up to $1000 to plan a workshop that you would invite other SK library people to.  It could be about learning new technology, it could be about learning a new skill (advocacy, grant writing, outreach, storytelling, etc.), or it could be bringing in a speaker on a visionary service model.  Or, you could apply for up to $500 for continuing education for yourself - to go to a conference, to go to a workshop, to take an online workshop, etc.  Do it!  We tried to make the process easy, and we have money lined up to help members build their skills.  Have I convinced you?  Check the SLA website for application details.

At our recent Annual General Meeting (where a fun time was had by all), you the membership suggested that the Mary Donaldson Trust trustees consider closing out the Trust.  Despite this change, we will continue in the future to host the Mary Donaldson Lecture, and we will continue to bestow the Mary Donaldson Award on a library technician student.  The Board is working with the MD Trustees to consider these changes.

A committee of the SLA Board is also still working on SLA's strategic plan for the next few years.  We surveyed members last year about what you want us to work on, and at the SLA Conference, you came out in droves (I was so impressed!) to give your input in the 'Great Minds, Great Ideas' consultation.  With all of this feedback and direction, it has been relatively easy to draft a strategic plan.  It is in the editing and crunching stage, and we hope to have it polished up for you by early fall.

In addition to these, there are many projects big and small on the horizon.  In August, your Board will get together at St. Peter's Abbey in Muenster, SK, to work intensively with the new strategic plan and to determine committee priorities for the year.  I've heard that while we are there, we may also have a chance to view some beautiful, old books that they have in their collection and to benefit from the locavore hospitality that the Abbey offers.

I saw a few of you at the CLA Conference in June, while I was there representing you at the national federation talks.  Talks are proceeding, and the vision for a national federation of all library associations is coming together.  We are still working through the financial piece related to that; I have confidence in the process so far, and in the results.  I think we are on the right track.  A document should be coming out soon that will give you the latest details.

After you read this newsletter, take a moment to think about other people in your organization that might want to read it too.  If your library has an institutional membership, you can share this newsletter with other people in your organization.  We would love your help to connect people to what we are working on.

Have a great summer!

Respectfully submitted,
Gwen Schmidt, SLA President

An update on the northern fires from James Hope Howard, SLA Board member and PNLS consultant:
"These are, obviously, difficult and trying times for everyone; our headquarters and member library staff in affected communities have been in evacuation for roughly half a month, and are now spread out across several provinces. We are pleased and relieved to report that no loss of life has been reported in any areas threatened by the continuing wildfires, and that thus far no library buildings have been lost to fire. We are grateful for the efforts of firefighting and military personnel to protect our communities, and we hope for favourable conditions in the battle to come. There is no estimated timeline on evacuees' return."




The Partnership News  

Libraries Getting Ready For Canada's 150th Anniversary
Wednesday, August 26, 2015 @ 1 pm
One-hour webinar - FREE
Continuing Education Certificate credits: 1

Getting ready for major Canadian events can be time consuming and challenging. "Canada 150: Canada's Untold Stories -- Notre Canada - Nos Histoires" provides a ready-made solution. Library participants (students, users and visitors) can go directly from the library's webpage to the portal that is collecting photos and stories in English and French to be preserved forever and alway searchable and retrievable. Harry van Bommel will explain the project and the simplest way that school, public and private libraries can participate. He will also look at more specific project that groups can create themselves. Whatever libraries choose, they can be part of the largest history-gathering project ever in Canada.

Presenter: Harry van Bommel
For more information, please click here

Please review all the EI options available on the July and August Calendar. See more

Reminder to consider signing up for the Continuing Education Certificate  this summer in preparation for all the learning you do throughout the year.  Please contact the SLA office for more information.  Institutional pricing is available for both Education Institute programs and for the Continuing Education Certificate (CEC). Read more

The latest issue of Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice & Research is now online
They welcome submissions for the next issue, Vol. 10.2.
Submission deadline: October 2, 2015
The online submission process and author guidelines are available here:

In other related news: 

Please welcome Alison Hopkins as the Executive Director, Provincial Librarian, Provincial Library and Literacy Office effective August 1, 2015.


Alison comes to us from the Government of the Northwest Territories where she has been the Territorial Librarian, Public Library Services since May of 2005.  


The Multitype Library Training and Promotion Committee (TPC) are holding a database success story contest. Read more  




Meeting with Minister - June 10, 2015

SLTA President Dennis Taylor (Lakeland) and SLTA Executive Director Nancy Kennedy met with Minister Don Morgan Wednesday, June 10, 2015. The meeting was cordial and productive. The brief was presented with the request that the Government respectfully totally fund SILS as an alternative to additional funding. Information was also presented on Equitable Digital Access for Saskatchewan libraries. Minister Morgan listened attentively. He is very aware of the financial constraints facing libraries. Minister Morgan was very candid about any significant increases saying it was difficult to get any major funding increases when MLAs are not hearing anything from constituents about libraries - a refrain SLTA has heard before. It is hoped the SLTA Library Promotion Campaign will change that. For more information please see www.slta.ca 


2015 SLTA Honourary Life Member Award Recipient

As a Trustee of RPL for more than ten years, and President of the SLTA for the past 18 months, Gerald Kleisinger has been a tremendous asset to RPL and has made a real difference in the lives of patrons, his colleagues, and the library community. During his time as a Regina City Councillor, Gerald was appointed to sit on the RPL Board for six consecutive years. After leaving the City, he was appointed in 2004 to the RPL Board. He was highly respected by his colleagues and peers, and widely recognized for his enthusiasm and passion for libraries.

It has been a lifelong belief of Gerald's that libraries and those who serve them can make a difference in the lives of individuals, and during his tenure with RPL, his contributions as a trustee have been invaluable. He was present when RPL began offering Internet access to the public, and when the internationally acclaimed ESL Tutor Training Manual was created and later the Online Tutor Training began assisting people across North America. He was present at the opening of the relocated Prince of Wales Branch and the grand opening of the new Regent Place Branch. The list goes on and on.
In 2010 Gerald was acclaimed the SLTA Representative for the RPL Board of Directors, and in 2012 he was elected President of the SLTA. In this role it was his desire to bring the libraries together to work in a constant, concentrated manner to make libraries in Saskatchewan the best they can be. He consistently advocated on behalf of library officials across the province to regularly meet and discuss the future of our libraries. Gerald met numerous times with the sitting Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Education, advocating the value of libraries. He encouraged Trustees to work with their local politicians to keep them aware of the importance of their library and the role of literacy within their community.
Gerald was instrumental in placing Saskatchewan libraries at the forefront of the technological revolution. He sought out and invited guest speakers to the annual SLA Conferences to ensure that libraries in the province were well informed and educated on the innovative changes taking place around globe and in their back yards. Furthermore, he developed and implemented the SLTA Library Promotion Campaign. He wanted to "make some noise" and draw attention to libraries in the province. This was a huge undertaking for the SLTA, and the work will be continued in 2015 by his SLTA colleagues.
Gerald was a school principal, an educational psychologist, and a university lecturer. A lifelong educator with a professional teaching certificate and a Master of Arts, Gerald has written numerous articles on child development and educating children. He continues to serve on the Regina Catholic School Board as a Trustee.

Gerald's unwavering commitment to his community and the belief in fostering lifelong learning opportunities for every person in the province is commendable.    


The 2016 Conference will be held in Saskatoon May 5-7, 2016. More details will be coming soon!

Upcoming Deadlines:

Culture Days Grant applications are due July 31, 2015
The Saskatchewan Library Association will be offering ten (10) $200 grants to assist successful applicants with Culture Days programs Sept 25, 26, 27 2015.

The application form and criteria are available in 3 formats, and are accessible online

If you have any questions, please contact Anne Pennylegion, Program Coordinator
 at [email protected] or 306 780-9409

Continuing Education Grant applications are due no later than August 15. 

Culture Days
The Saskatchewan Library Association will be offering 10 $200 grants to assist  successful applicants with Culture Days programs Sept  25, 26. 27 2015

The application form and criteria are available here

The Saskatchewan Library Week theme has been chosen!
Robyn Larter from Melville Branch Library submitted the winning theme Dare to Know and will be the recipient of a $50 Chapters Gift Certificate. Thank you Robyn and everyone who submitted your suggestions.

 They were all really good!

TDSR Club launch at Chinook Regional Library (Swift Current Branch) was a success, as
Tekeyla Friday, Children's Programmer welcomed 75 kids and 35 adults at the library. See more on their Facebook page.

The TD has also created a video for the TDSR Club. You can see it here in English

and in French here

The website is also now fully complete, and you can see it here. New this year is an online notebook as well as a few books that can be read online

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Everyone, Including Culture, Wins When You Buy Lottery Tickets 
As most, if not all, of you know the core funding that SLA receives through SaskCulture is part of the Lottery Trust where a percentage of every lottery ticket sold goes to support sport, culture and recreation groups within Saskatchewan. It appears that recent lottery sales are not meeting expectations, which will not have an immediate effect on SLA, however I would encourage all of you to remind audiences and arts council members that buying lottery tickets benefits the entire community. You can find more information about the lottery system here. 

Sask Lotteries has also just launched an app that can help remind you to buy those tickets, among other things. You can download the app on the App Store or get it on Google play. More information is available on the Saskatchewan Lotteries website.