January 2015

Collaborative Opportunity:
Creative Collaborations Network (CCN)
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SLTA's Strategic Communications Plan
Aboriginal Storytelling Month
Dear Colleagues, Letter

January is the point in the SLA Board's year where things really start to come together.  There is so much new energy in our association - it is thrilling.  In the past year alone, we have signed up 40 new members.  Welcome, each and every one of you.  We have lots to offer you in terms of continuing education, grants for programming, industry news, opportunities to get involved and meet people, and grants to help you enhance your skills.

The Board and Committees of SLA have been hard at work on many projects, and some are coming to fruition.  We have just approved the terms of reference for SLA's first network, the Creative Collaborations Network.  Watch for the new Networks page on the website.  I understand that there were excellent candidates who applied for the Maureen Woods Education Bursary, and our Bursary Subcommittee is working hard to review the applications.  

We have also just published details on the new-and-improved Continuing Education Grants for members:  each year, SLA will be giving away approximately $3500.00 in grants to members, with three categories of grants to consider.  You could apply for funding to go to a workshop or conference, you could apply for funding to organize a workshop and invite other Saskatchewan people, or you could apply for funding to attend the SLA Conference as a first-time attendee.  Stay tuned for the soft launch of this program in coming weeks. Read more

Membership Survey:

Your Association, Your Opinion!


Your views are important! SLA's Board of Directors will begin drafting a new 3 year strategic plan in 2015 that will help define our future role in the library and information management community.  A short survey will soon be available to members of SLA and other stakeholders. 


There will be questions addressing 5 categories:

  • membership
  • work of the association
  • communications
  • future planning
  • diversity planning


We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to help shape a sustainable future for SLA as an organization that provides ongoing value in serving libraries, galleries, archives, museums, and other information providers in Saskatchewan.
Survey results and an opportunity for individuals to provide feedback will be made available at the Saskatchewan Libraries Conference May 7-9, 2015 in Regina. Survey confidentiality will be enforced and no names or affiliations will be used in the dissemination of results

Continuing Education Grants Renewed

A committee of the SLA Board has worked hard on reviewing and bringing the Continuing Education Grants up-to-date and renewing the program. All the details can be found on the website: http://saskla.ca/continuing-education/ce-grant

The first of the updated grants is the First Time Attendee at the SLA conference. The deadline for this grant application is February 15 for consideration for the 2015 Conference. Registration details should be out in the next week.

Education Institute (EI):

The EI winter calendar is available on The Partnership website. Points to remember:  

*    When you register indicate that you are an SLA member
*    Institutional subscriptions are available - please ask.
*    All webinars and courses count for points on the CEC.


Please let the SLA office know if you are interested in submitting a webinar idea for a session. We can provide more information and explain the process.  



Board Nominations - Deadline February 22, 2015
The deadline for nominations for board members is approaching. This is a great opportunity to get involved in a meaningful way with SLA.  

More information can be found here

Nominations The deadline for nominations for the Frances Morrison Award is February 22, 2015. More information can be found here


Nominations for Honourary Life Member can be submitted until March 15, 2015.


Saskatchewan Libraries Conference 2015
Saskatchewan Libraries: Open to All
May 7-9 
at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel 
and Conference Centre
After a great response to the call for presenters and applications for exhibitor spaces, the conference committee is preparing for the delegate registration to be up in the couple of weeks - just a couple of details to work out.  This conference will introduce a few new featured activities and events.  Watch for them!  Announcements will be forthcoming!!!

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Collaborative Opportunity with Other Libraries
Creative Collaborations Network (CCN)

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The first official SLA network was recently approved by the Board on January 19, 2015.  The Creative Collaborations Network (CCN) was formed out of a desire to facilitate and encourage the grass-roots development of partnerships among libraries in Saskatchewan.  These partnerships, both formal and informal, could occur between libraries within a library sector or across library sectors.

The CCN promotes informal, wide-ranging, no obligations conversations about possible partnership initiatives in areas such as shared programming and service delivery, ways to work together to reduce barriers to access within and across libraries, and initiatives that will improve or expand library effectiveness and/or the client experience.

The CCN recognizes the important role that the Multi-type Library Board (MLB) plays in the province and its responsibility for province-wide and/or province-led partnerships. Some ideas that are initiated within the CCN may well be better placed within the MLB; these initiatives may start as conversations or small partnerships through the CCN and progress or be referred to the MLB as they grow and develop.
We would like to invite anyone interested in participating in the conversation to sign up here and then you will be sent instructions to access the collaboration space in BASECAMP.  www.surveymonkey.com This space will enable you to share what your library is doing or wants to do in the way of collaboration. By sharing initiatives, it is hoped that ideas for others will be fostered - hence, the Creative Collaborations. 

The Terms of Reference for this network can be found at:
For more information, contact one of the network moderators:
* Colleen Murphy, [email protected]
* Lorraine Salt, [email protected]
* Rachel Sarjeant-Jenkins, r[email protected]



  • Freedom to Read Week will be celebrated February 22-28, 2015. For project ideas, suggestions and free marketing materials, please visit:  www.freedomtoread.ca

SLTA's Strategic Communications Plan

Recognizing the benefit of increased communication and advocacy, the Saskatchewan Library Trustees' Association (SLTA) developed a strategic communications plan over the summer 2014.

Each one of the public library systems represented by the SLTA participated in the process, offering valuable information and feedback. Although the systems differ in many significant ways, common concerns, challenges, themes, and other points of interest to be addressed emerged during the research process.
The plan identified a few important communications needs. The organization needs to help promote awareness and appreciation of public libraries and the issues they face in Saskatchewan among citizens and decision makers. It needs to help facilitate increased communication between all provincial public library partners and develop a province-wide public library brand with unified and consistent messaging. Finally, it needs to make all public libraries' staff and administration aware of the importance of public relations and help empower them to promote themselves. The plan also suggested tactics to achieve the goals, such as creating a special advocacy-focused provincial library website.

The final plan was presented to the SLTA Board of Directors on September 2014 and has since been accepted by all the Boards in the province. Implementation of the plan in 2015 is to be a province-wide and cooperative process.

Aboriginal Storytelling Month:
On January 16, 2015, the Honourable Don Morgan, Minister of Education, proclaimed February 2015 to be "Aboriginal Storytelling Month" in Saskatchewan.
Since 2013, the Library Services for Saskatchewan Aboriginal Peoples Inc. (LSSAP) has taken the lead in managing the Saskatchewan Aboriginal Storytelling Month Project to promote First Nation and M�tis oral traditions and the use of public libraries. The winter timing of Aboriginal Storytelling observes the First Nation traditional time for storytelling.  Elders and Aboriginal storytellers demonstrate the cultural and historical value of storytelling and partnerships are fostered through joint planning with libraries, schools, local agencies and Aboriginal based organizations throughout the province.  In 2014, 81 locations hosted 276 sessions with a recorded overall attendance of 17,305.
The Wheatland Regional Library is hosting the 2015 Saskatchewan Aboriginal Storytelling Launch which will be held at the Station Arts Centre in Rostern at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 3, 2015.  The evening will be MC'd by Winston Wuttunee and includes author and storyteller Leah Dorion as well as a performance by Rabbit and Bear Paws from Ontario, who will be kicking off the first ever Storyteller in Residence pilot tour in the areas of Wheatland and Regina Public Library.

  • The Conservatory in Regina is operating Winter Creative Camps February 17-20, 2015. See the poster here
  • The Writers' Room at Toronto Public Library.
    The Writers' Room
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  • UBC acquires Oscar Wilde novels Read more
  • I-S-B-N-The December 2014 edition of I-S-B-N (Information Services for Business Network) newsletter is now available.Please contact Geraldine Hyland [email protected] to be added to the mailing list to receive I-S-B-N regularly. Read More
  • Call for Chapters: Government Information in Canada Read More
  • The annual Big Talk from Small Libraries is coming up February 27, 2015. Read More


News From Saskatchewan Polytechnic:
Library Information Technology Program

The Library information Technology program is proposing a Library Information Technology applied certificate program which would be comprised of five (5) courses which are offered in the current diploma program and have a Saskatchewan focus. These courses would be delivered using online technology so that students can learn in their communities and while they work. The proposed courses include the following content areas:
*         Introduction to Library Service
*         Introduction to Information Resources
*         Children's Materials and Services  
*         Young Adults' Materials and Services
*         Introduction to Cataloguing
To comply with Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the Library Information Technology program faculty must consult with its industry stakeholders to determine the magnitude of the demand for employees with these skills and/or the need to provide continuing education opportunities for existing employees.  A survey is being created to determine the interest within the province.  If you wish to complete the survey, please contact Cindy Bretell by phone 306-659-3850 or by email, [email protected] The survey should be ready for distribution by January 30.Polytechnic



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