May 2015
Fight Back Today with Low Vision Technologies!

The weather has finally turned here in the midwest, and our thoughts are now turning to the outside.  Whether your blind or have Low Vision, using a cane can make your  time outside a more fulfilling experience.  


Our newest web page traces the history of the white cane and highlights its uses for the visually impaired today. Not only does the white cane help increase mobility, it also stands as a symbol of the independence and achievements of visually impaired or blind individuals. Read more on The History of The White Cane.  You can find canes here.





If you have been following me in this journey, I am making progress with OrCam.  I  received a phone call welcoming me.  My device is being readied to be shipped to me.  My options were explained to me, and all of my questions were answered.  Payment  was rendered.  Read More Here.

complex carbs and how they can help your vision


We need carbohydrates to stay fueled throughout the day. Unfortunately, the wrong type of carbs can cause blood sugar issues, weight gain, and even vision loss. Eating a healthy diet is one of the easiest ways to help support vision health, but first we need to understand which types of carbohydrates are good and bad.  Read more here.



Visionary Kitchen Brings Us Another Great Recipe
                             VEGGIE BURGERS                                                      

1/2   CUP RED ONION,                                                    1.  ADD ALL OF THE 
  ROUGHLY CHOPPED                                                      EXCEPT THE OLIVE OIL                                                                                              TO A FOOD
                                                                                              PROCESSOR.  PULSE                                                                                                4-   TIMES                                                                                                                                  
1   CUP ASPARAGUS                                                          UNTIL VEGETABLE                                                                                                       ARE SMALL PEA SIZE

1   CUP ORANGE PEPPER                                               2.  ALLOW TO REST 15                                                                                               MINUTES
ROUGHLY CHOPPED                                                         
2   GARLIC CLOVES, MINCED                                          3.  FORM INTO 6                                                                                                          PATTIES

1/3   CUP PARSLEY,                                                          4.  PREHEAT A NON-          LUGHTLY PACKED                                                                                                                                                                                                 STICK SAUTE PAN 
                                                                                              TO MEDIUM LOW .                                                                                                       ADD 1 TBSP OLIVE OIL
1/2  TSP SEA SALT                                                              AND THE VEGGIE BURGERS.  SAUTE  8-10  
                                                                                             MINUTES UNTIL                                                                                                           GOLDEN.  TURN OVER                                                                                               ADD
1/2  TSP BLACK PEPPER                                                    AN ADDITIONALTBSP                                                                                                 OLIVE OIL.  SAUTE 
                                                                                              UNTIL GOLDEN                                                                                                            ANOTHER 6-8                                                                                                              minutes.

1/4  CUP GROUND FLAX SEED                                         SERVES 4 

 1  OMEGA - 3 EGG                                                                                                                                                                                                   LUTEIN-ZEAANTHIN                                                                                                    664 mcg
3 SLICES HEARTY WHOLE GRAIN                                     OMEGA 3   1773 MG
(1 3/4 CUP LIGHTLY PACKED)                                              VITAMIN C   97%


courtesy of Sandra Young, OD

author: Visionary Kitchen: A Cookbook for Eye HealthBooks are available for purchase at and 




Smart micro chips may optimise human vision



I was at a gathering of friends this past week-end for a very special celebration, and ran into a client of mine that introduced me to an optometrist friend of his.  After extending pleasantries, we became involved in a conversation about my eye problems.  The conversation ran from vitamins and minerals to my journey with the newest product coming to the market, The OrCam .  During our conversation something new came up to me that i had not heard before, and thought i'd share it with you here.  There is a procedure called Macular Risk PGx AMD Genetic Test What it does is to determine the risk factor of progression to advanced Age Related Macular Degeneration what that means is if you have been diagnosed with early stages of the disease then this test would be able to tell you wether you would be prone towards advancement of the disease.within the next ten years.  





A revolutionary project that lets people help to solve your problems.  Something as easy as knowing the color of a shirt, what's in a product, even the price tag.  It's available on IOS  in our  app store and is FREE!   watch this video to understand what it can do for you. Please sign up to help, if you are not available at the time of the request, it's ok, someone else will step in to help.  I can't think of a worthier cause.

Have You Considered What Apps Can Help You Do?

Audio books, note takers, eye training exercises, talking readers, and more: did you know there is an app for almost anything you need? Low Vision Apps include these and more, such as navigation tools, money readers, and magnifiers. You can also find label and barcode readers, which are ideal for use at home, in stores, and just about anywhere.


The Apple app store is easy to use, and everything you choose is available for immediate download. See how apps can change your life!


Low Vision Applications

Magnify Glass 32xis a magnifier that helps you read and see applications on your phone better. You can also use the magnifier when you go to the store and need to read a label or view the price on something.  


Low vision applications come in handy and will provide you with the extra vision that you need to easily be able to see the important things.

Get Your Life Back Today
Start feeling better about yourself and using devices and programs to help you see better. You will feel more confident and you will be able to be more independent. Being able to rely on yourself once again is a huge feat and accomplishing daily activities is one step in the right direction.


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