August 2014
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Low Vision Newsletter: Assistive Products and Apps

 This month's newsletter has something for everyone. Keep reading for information on blue light rays, a simple and delicious recipe from the American Optometric Association, and tips on finding an app to help enhance your everyday life.


What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a high-frequency light that operates at a potentially harmful wavelength. We are exposed to blue light every day, but you may not know how dangerous it can be. Learn more about what blue light is, how it affects you, and how to limit your exposure to it by clicking here. 

Product Highlight: The "Candy" Handheld Magnifier

Our newest store product partner is Maxi-Aids, a leader in adaptive products for those with vision, hearing, medical, and mobility issues. We welcome Maxi-Aids to Low Vision Technologies, and are extremely excited about one of their latest products, The lightweight Candy 5" handheld magnifier  an easy-to-use model has a large, clear LCD screen, making it an ideal tool and resource for viewing print of any size.


The mirror view feature helps you see yourself to check your hair or make-up, while the near-distance view with auto-focus makes seeing supermarket products, price tags, and other signs a breeze. The Candy HD comes with a three-position handle as well as legs, making it ideal as both a handheld and stand magnifier. It operates with continuous zoom, not just a few pre-sets, giving you an easy and even magnification zoom of up to 22x.


With up to 4.5 hours of rechargeable battery life, you may not be able to resist the Candy HD! Meanwhile, you can learn more about other new technologies featured and reviewed on our website.


Nutrition and Low Vision

What's For Dinner? Recipe Below!

This month, make your own salsa and pair it with freshly seared tuna steaks.


Seared Tuna Made with Avocado, Orange, and Cilantro Salsa



1 tbsp. olive oil

2 tbsp. lemon juice

1 clove of garlic, minced

1 lime, juiced

1/3 c. red onion, minced

1/4 c, cilantro, chopped

2 oranges, peeled and cubed (remove all pith)

1 avocado (remove peel and pit)

4 four-oz. tuna steaks (sushi-grade is ideal)

Salt and pepper



1. Combine olive oil, lemon, juice and garlic in a shallow dish or pan. Add the tuna steaks and coat evenly with the marinade, then cover and let them marinate for up to an hour.

2. In another bowl, blend together the lime juice, red onion, cilantro, oranges, and avocado to create a salsa. Add pinches of salt and pepper. Cover this dish and refrigerate until the tuna is cooked.

3. Once the tuna has marinated, place the tuna steaks into a non-stick skillet. Over medium-high heat, sear each side for two minutes (medium rare) or three to four minutes (well done).

4. Serve immediately, garnished with the fresh avocado salsa. Makes four servings.


Recipe reprinted courtesy of the American Optometric Association.



Have You Considered What Apps Can Help You Do?

Audio books, note takers, eye training exercises, talking readers, and more: did you know there is an app for almost anything you need? Low Vision Apps include these and more, such as navigation tools, money readers, and magnifiers. You can also find label and barcode readers, which are ideal for use at home, in stores, and just about anywhere.


The Apple app store is easy to use, and everything you choose is available for immediate download. See how apps can change your life!


Low Vision Applications

Magnify Glass 32xis a magnifier that helps you read and see applications on your phone better. You can also use the magnifier when you go to the store and need to read a label or view the price on something.  


Low vision applications come in handy and will provide you with the extra vision that you need to easily be able to see the important things.

Get Your Life Back Today
Start feeling better about yourself and using devices and programs to help you see better. You will feel more confident and you will be able to be more independent. Being able to rely on yourself once again is a huge feat and accomplishing daily activities is one step in the right direction.


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