How are you engaging with your customers?

e-Newsletters are: 

(1) Effective

(2) Affordable

(3) Easy**

(4) Relationship Builders 

(5) Measurable

(6) An e-Newsletter also allows you to showcase your industry expertise and FOLLOW-UP with your (segmented) audience in a meaningful way!

An e-Newsletter fills your pipeline, fuels your follow-up, encourages conversations, leads to referrals, and gets you closer to closing sales!
PS. You can also share your newsletters and announcements on your own social networks to bring new people to your business. Need some ideas on what to write about?

Alexis J. Smith
Core Certified Constant Contact Solution Provider 
  • Licensed Marketing Coach
  • Event Logistics Professional
  • Non-Profit Operations Specialist
  • Professional Development Facilitator

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"Best Time To Send Email" infographic.

Ready to design an email newsletter?
**Calling newsletter generation "easy" is subjective, of course. Time constraints come into play, as well.  Rest assured, however, you can do it alone. Many people "self-serve" with ConstantContact. (I have since 2008!) ConstantContact has dozens of mobile-friendly, professional-looking templates that can be tailored to match your branding and engage your customers. Or you can employ help and delegate for special projects. ConstantContact and HireAlexis, offer you the best of both options. Are you ready? Click  the button above to "Start a Trial" today.