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Issue: 13-7
2013 Summer Season - Week 1
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This first issue of the summer includes the entertainment schedule, family night themes, and kids' activities listing.  Plus, some of the other stuff on which we have been working.



Happy Reading!

President's Ponderings

Well, I haven't gotten my first full day of the beach in yet, but I am hopeful for some quality time this weekend. Plus, Sips and Dips start this Sunday!  I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we go through our annual beginning of the season hiccups. I also offer a big thank you for everyone who helped to get the club ship shape for our members.  I know you will all be impressed with both Carrie's team and Kevin's staff who are all ready to make this a great summer.

Secretary's Summations

Along with secretarial duties I am assigned to the newly created 'Archivist and Historian' Committee.  Agnes Fiorenzano, who knows more about our history than we can even begin imagine, is also on this committee.


As we go into the new season with a newly restored facility, we are asking for those of you with long memories of great summers at the beach in the Fuqua and Folsom era to look back in the hopes that we can find some photos or other memorabilia which will bring back memories for all of us 'old timers' and for us to share with the newest members of our little piece of heaven here in Galilee. 


I am pleased to say the first catalogued entry is, drum roll please, Dot Folsom's spice cake recipe. Many of us remember this delicious treat with its luscious vanilla cream frosting, especially when leftovers were served in the Dugout on Thursday at lunchtime after the Wednesday family night dinner. We considered ourselves fortunate that there were leftovers to serve! Dot was written up in the May 1979 edition of the Yankee Magazine. 


Any thoughts, memories, stories, or items you have can be shared at, or a hard copy can be dropped off at the club-house.  Please also email me if you are interested in joining this committee.


Happy summer.

Treasurer's Tallies


"With changes in business processes, there is always a learning curve," so it will be this upcoming season in regards to our new Food and Beverage System.  For a little background, the Board of Directors commissioned a Technology Committee this past year to recommend and develop a new Point of Sale and General Accounting System. Thanks to the work of many, we are now running all systems in a live environment.  In the upcoming days, you will begin to witness some of these changes.  As an example:

Food/Beverage tickets or checks will appear "less busy."  The unused minimum will not appear on this ticket but will appear on your monthly statement.  In addition, shareholder discounts will appear on monthly statements as a single entry deduction applicable to your usage.  We are currently working on allowing statements to be viewed on-line, individual check details, interactive transaction dispute, past statement history, unused minimum balances, and the ability to print your statement.  We hope to have this portal capability available on our website in the upcoming weeks.   

We are currently exploring the possibility of offering online payment and credit card options in 2014. 

You can now look forward to many years of accurate and convenient access to the best club management software available.  As every piece of software written is a direct result of member needs or suggestions, we invite you to contact us to keep us abreast of challenges that you might have, so they can be alleviated.


We do apologize for any billing inconveniences these past couple of days; they were not related to the new system but due to power issues related to the dugout renovation project.

Board's Briefs


The May board meeting was held on June 4th in the GBC clubhouse. Highlights from the discussion:


  • Financials are tracking on plan
  • Dugout Floor is scheduled to be done the week of June 17th and from there the equipment can be installed.
  • By-law process review has begun again
  • All entertainment is set-up and the children's activities are scheduled
  • Policy Manual is in the process of being updated
  • Investigating the cost of installing speakers outside for events and functions
Membership's Minutes


Now that we have a new computer system, we are trying to combine all our record keeping to this one system. Please let us know, if in the process, we have made any spelling errors.


Also, as we move further along with our newsletter, please let us know if there is something you would like to see added in the future. Please send any comments to

Function's Fan Fare

This weekend, on June 22nd, there will be a wedding on the beach followed by a reception in the dining room. The ceremony will be at 6:00 PM. The bride and groom will be arriving at 4:30 PM with their photographer for wedding pictures. In the previous newsletter, Jackie asked that the parking lot be cleared by 4:00 PM to accomodate our committment to this function.  Please keep this in mind when planning your beach day on Saturday.


On Sunday, there will be a bridal shower in the dining room from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM. This should not interfere with lunch on the deck or Sips and Dips.


Thanks to everyone for your cooperation and understanding regarding these final outside weekend functions.


We do have some outside functions such as birthdays and company parties during the summer. They will take place after 5:00 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays when there are no member activities.


Weddings and other functions will resume after Labor Day. There will be weddings the Friday and Saturday after Labor Day. Updates will be noted in the newsletter.


Thanks again for your patience and understanding. 

Entertainment's Events


The entertainment and theme dinners are all scheduled.  Check out the following listings, which will be posted to our website shortly.  Please sign up for these events by either sending an email to or calling the club at 401-789-9675.



June 23rd Sips and Dips 4-5PM


June 26th Family Night Dinner "Italian" 6-8PM


June 28th Friday Night Fire 8-11PM


June 30th Sips and Dips 4-5PM

                    Pizza and Pasta 5:30PM


July 3rd- Barbeque/Bonfire with Carolina Sound Music/Karaoke 6-11PM


July 5th Friday Night Fire: Featuring "Take Two" 8-11PM


July 6th "Reminisce" Great Live Band 7:30-11:30PM


July 7th "Foreverly Brothers" Beachside 1-5PM

      Sips and Dips 4-5PM

      Pizza and Pasta 5:30PM 


July 10th Family Night Dinner "Thanksgiving in July" 6-8PM


July 11th Beer Tasting Evening with Harpoon


July 12th Friday Night Fires 8-11PM


July 13th "Brass Attack" A Summer Favorite 8-11PM


July 14th Sips and Dips 4-5PM

      Pizza and Pasta 5:30PM


July 17th Family Night Dinner "Mexican" 6-8PM


July 19th Friday Night Fires 8-11PM


July 20th "A Night of Sinatra with Mike Dutra" 8-11PM


July 21st Sips and Dips 4-5PM

     Pizza and Pasta 5:30PM


July 24th Family Night Dinner "Barbeque" 6-8PM

       Movie/ Karaoke on the beach 7-11PM


July 26th Friday Night Fires 8-11PM

       "Adult Clambake" on the beach 7-9PM


July 27th "Reggie Centrachio" Live Band 8-11PM


July 28th "Dave Andrews" Beachside  3-6PM

      Sips and Dips 4-5PM

      Pizza and Pasta 5:30PM


July 31st Family Night Dinner "Seafood" 6-8PM


August 1st Wine Tasting Evening


August 2nd Friday Night Fires 7-11PM


August 3rd "Baha Brothers-A Parrot Head Evening" 7-11PS


August 4th Sips and Dips 4-5PM

         Pizza and Pasta 5:30PM


August 7th Family Night Dinner "Yankee Pot Roast" 6-8PM


August 9th Friday Night Fires 7-11PM


August 10th "Lola and the Pallbearers" Live Band 8-12PM


August 11th "Foreverly Brothers" 1-5PM

     Sips and Dips 4-5PM

     Pizza and Pasta 5:30PM


August 14th Family Night Dinner "Thanksgiving" 6-8PM


August 16th Friday Night Fires 7-11PM


August 17th "Dancing Under the Stars" 7-11PM with Carolina Sound


August 18th Sips and Dips 4-5PM

          Pizza and Pasta 5:30PM


August 21st Family Night Dinner "Italian" 6-8PM

  Movie/Karaoke on the beach 7-11PM


August 23rd Friday Night Fires 7-11PM


August 24th Comedian/Singer "Dave Andrews" 8-11PM


August 25th Sips and Dips 4-5PM

        Pizza and Pasta 5:30PM


August 28th Family Night Dinner "Mexican" 6-8PM


August 30th Friday Night Fires 7-11PM


August 31st "Jazz Strollers with Carl Hosbond" 7:30-11:30PM


September 1st End of the Summer Barbeque with Carolina SoundMusic/Karaoke 6-11PM



There are also lots of children's activities:


July 6th   "Krafts with Kara"


July 14th "Beach Gymnastics" 1-2PM


July 20th "Family Fun Day" 1-4PM


July 21st  Ichiban Karate 3:30PM


July 24th "Beach Movie /Karaoke"7-11PM


July 28th "Beach Soccer"


August 4th "Beach Gymnastics"


August 7th Ichiban Karate 1:30PM


August 10th "Krafts with Kara"


August 18th "Beach Soccer"


August 21st "Beach Movie/Karaoke 7-11PM


August 24th "Krafts with Kara"

Building's Blurbs

The equipment has arrived and is in the process of being installed on the nice new kitchen floor.  The floors for the main rooms will be worked on later this week.  Painting has begun, and the ceiling grid has been installed.  In addition, new electric circuits were installed, the new line was cut-over this week, and then the finish work will begin.  Once we have a firm completion date, we will let everyone know.  We are almost there!

Rules' Ruminations


The policy manual will be forwarded to everyone shortly via email. 

Food's Footnotes


The club will be open for Deck menu and specials Friday night. Reservations are encouraged.


Bar and Counter service (Dugout Food) will continue from the bar noon until 5pm this week, as we complete the finishing touches on the Dugout.


Starting June 19th, the deck is open for lunch Wednesdays through Sundays.


Friday Night Fires (weather permitting) preview will begin June 28th.

Sips & Dips for Adults (Age 21 and above) will be starting this Sunday from 4 until 5pm.


Pizza and Pasta bar starts Sunday June 30th at 5:30pm.


For reservations for dinners, Fire Pits, or for any events send an email to or call the club at 789-9675.

Manager's Minutes


Weather permitting; the beach will be open from 10am until 5pm each day.

 In addition to scheduled children's activities, there will be activities on Sundays during Sips& Dips starting at 3:30pm.


Please remember, there is no smoking allowed anywhere on the premises.

Going forward,  I am pretty sure you all know where to find me!!
Until Next Time,
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Jacquelyn H. Tracy

Galilee Beach Club