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Our New Hires - Update on Project Sandy - Financial Report are all things you will hear about in this month's issue.


Happy Reading!

President's Ponderings


The first two weeks of February have been a whirlwind. We have chosen both our Concessionaire and Club Manager - kudos to Josephine Curzake and Paul Harrington for chairing both of these committees and finding such great candidates! We have also approved the design of the dugout. I'm debating about how much to share ahead of time and how much to keep a surprise, so you get the full effect all at once. So, stay tuned in the next few issues for some teasers like - windows that open! We have also purchased a point of sale and accounting system with the ability to review your bills more easily, which will make everyone's life easier from our wait staff to our bookkeeper to our members. I have to admit it's all both exciting and scary, but I am sure all these changes will make our summer more enjoyable.

Treasurer's Tallies


It is a pleasure to inform you that the Club ended the fiscal year 2012 with a net profit, slightly higher than Budget. Contributing to these results was the strong fiscal oversight by the Board and Finance Committee and a healthy influx of new members. It will be prudent to consider this profit as a reserve against unanticipated operational expenses going forward.


I am equally pleased to report that both general revenue and net profit for the 2013 season are tracking in line with Budget. The wonderful work of the Membership Committee has kept our membership projections for this year favorable to date. Membership is core to the financial health of the Club and is an accurate and primary measure of the club's success.


We are excited about a recently approved capital project. The Board commissioned a Technology Committee to study our technology needs, specifically the dining room/dugout point of sale and general accounting systems. The committee conducted the required due diligence related to the project and recommended to the Finance Committee the purchase of software from Club Services Group. CSG is a leading provider of software solutions for clubs and food service. At the heart of the system, is its food and beverage point of sale system that focuses on the efficient management of dining and private event operations and its fully integrated accounting system. The Finance Committee supported the recommendation of this system and the Board unanimously approved its passage. We will be scheduling a project management meeting to kick off the process and will be establishing goals and timelines.


We continue to work closely with our wind and flood carriers about maximizing and managing the Hurricane Sandy insurance claim.

We are assessing our private event pricing (weddings, parties, etc.) and looking at restructuring how we report and measure this area of potential opportunity. The plan is to establish a separate profit center for private events, complete with its own budget (revenue and expenses) and goals.

The Finance Committee and Board have continued to closely monitor issues, such as current debt and member obligations in the context of best practices.  For example, we have been examining the method of handling delinquent accounts, and we are taking a detailed look into new and different models for repayment of vendor obligations with the goal of "smoothing" out our cash flow during the year.


Finally, the Finance Committee and Board are actively formulating new policies and procedures to ensure that a sound system of internal controls exists within the organization.


I remain appreciative of the Finance Committee and the Board for their continued support and volunteerism.

Boards Briefs
  • A meeting was held with one of the attorneys to review and update contracts for the Club Manager and Concessionaire as well as to discuss other legal issues.
  • Our website was updated to include membership verbiage, a link to the newsletter archive, and a window that houses the application.
  • The 2013 rates for 8, 10, and 16 day passes were approved. Information will be included in the Policy Manual.
  • Check signing policy was approved.
  • Contract signing policy was approved.
  • Recommendations for the Concessionaire and Club Manager were approved.
  • The purchase of a new Point of Sale and Financial System software was approved.
  • It was agreed to investigate the pros and cons, regarding combining the Club's two lots on the town's tax rolls.
  • It was agreed to create a separate division to track outside function revenues and costs.
Membership's Memos


Membership is going well. All 18 of the cabanas/apartments and all 61 bathhouses are rented. There are 51 walk-ons and 8 dining members. At this point in time, 2 shareholders have not yet paid. 


There are several members who have sent in money but not an application. If you haven't already done so, please send your application by either by mail or e-mail. Please note that identification cards won't be provided until all payments are paid in full and the application is received. If you need an application, they can be found on the website (, or you can send in a request to
Function's Fan Fare


The committee has been busy marketing the club for both functions and membership.

  • Engaged Magazine - The GBC is currently advertising in Engaged Magazine, which is on the newsstand for one year. There were 500 beautiful postcard type ads placed in the "bride bags" at the Bridal Show at the Convention Center, a service that was provided because we placed an ad in the magazine.
  • S O Rhode Island - A wonderful ad was placed on the front page of the bridal section.
  • South County Style - The GBC advertisement is located on the page directly across from an ad touting South County as an ideal area in which to hold a wedding. On the same page as our ad, there is a floral ad that matches the GBC color scheme. The magazine will be on the stands for one year.
  • St. Mary Star of the Sea Church Bulletin - There is a color ad that promotes both seasonal and dining memberships, weddings, and parties. This also will run for a year.
  • Chamber of Commerce - We have placed packs of beautifully designed postcards, advertising the availability of both seasonal and dining memberships, as well as weddings and parties. The postcards have been placed at the Towers and the Wakefield Chamber of Commerce, and the GBC has been added to the Narragansett Chamber of Commerce Directory, which comes out in the spring.


Our website is, of course, a great advertisement and source of information. As part of our client information sheet, we are asking potential clients to indicate where and how they found out about the GBC to determine which advertisements are the most beneficial.


Inquiries for functions have been very active. Bookings were a little challenging without having a concessionaire to price food; however, 2 showers, 4 weddings, 1 cocktail party, 1 family reunion, an Eagle Scout ceremony, a 50th wedding anniversary party, and a corporate outing in the form of a clambake have all been booked. Our new concessionaire has contacted all of the above clients, sent menus, and is in the process of making appointments to discuss menus.


Thanks to Tracy Kubricky, Diane Placco, and Elaine Winthrop for offering their help, and welcome to Carrie Grimm, our new manager. She will be assisting the Function and Marketing Committee by showing the facilities to potential clients.


Entertainment's Events  


Save the dates!!!! This summer promises to be an exciting one with lots of great bands! We will kick off the summer on July 13th, with a club favorite, Brass Attack! We will follow it up on July 20th, with A Night of Sinatra. On August 3rd, get your parrot head gear ready for a night with The Baha Brothers, and on August 17th, we'll have a fabulous night of Dancing Under the Stars with Carolina Sound. Stay tuned for lots of additions in the next newsletter!

Building's Blurbs


The Buildings and Grounds Committee met for the second time, with a follow-up the same week, with the interior designer. The first order of business was to review the progress of Project Sandy, and the second was to start to develop a list of future capital projects and determine the priorities.

Project Sandy - The interior design plans for the dugout reconstruction were presented to and approved by the both the Committee and the Board. As part of the process, the equipment list was drafted and finalized and the equipment order was placed this week. The windows arrived and the order was placed for the new dugout door. The demolition for the dugout is also in the process of being completed and the deck work will begin shortly. Some other good news is that the process for reconstructing the dunes is a relatively easy one, and the permit was free! Snow fencing will be placed around the dunes to protect them, and, apparently, the re-growth will happen naturally.


Future Capital Projects - A capital priority ratings chart was developed to help the committee make determinations about the order of potential future projects. A list has been created to address current maintenance needs, as well as those potential future projects.


Thank you to all the committee members for working on this important project. Special thanks to Donald Kubricky who never refuses a request to "just run over to the club" and check this or that or to let someone in.

Rules' Ruminations


The Rules Committee has begun reviewing and updating the Policy Manual for the coming season. More details to follow on this project.

Committee's Comments 


Concessionaire Search Committee


The committee assigned the duty of finding a concessionaire, chaired by Josephine Curzake, is pleased to announce that Kevin Millonzi of Millonzi Fine Catering is the new GBC concessionaire.


Kevin graduated in the top percentile of his class from Johnson and Wales University in 1998. Since then, he has worked in several prominent Rhode Island establishments; first as a sous chef and then advancing to executive chef. Kevin has catered for many prominent businesses and individuals, including two United States Presidents. He has been an active participant in many local industry organizations, received numerous culinary awards, served on the American Dairy Association Food Advisory Panel, and has been involved in many charitable events.


Kevin's references were all glowing in their reports, which included Brown University's director of food services and PPAC to mention just a couple. Ask anyone who has been the beneficiary of his unique catering presentations, and they will acknowledge that Kevin's extraordinary talent manifests itself through his excellent cuisine. His strong work ethic is reflected in the fact that he attained the rank of Eagle Scout when he was just sixteen.


Josephine would like to thank Donna Carlson and Kathy Beam for their hard work, as well as Jackie Tracy and Gene D'Onofrio who I pressed into service, and they gave willingly of their time.


Manager Search Committee


The Manager Search committee, chaired by Paul Harrington, is also pleased to announce the hiring of Carrie Grimm as our new Club Manager.


Carrie Grimm grew up in Narragansett and now is residing in Wakefield, Rhode Island. She started working for the YMCA of South County in September 1991, as a Program Director. In 1994, she was promoted to Senior Program Director, and finally in 1998, was appointed to Associate Executive Director. In 2001, she ventured into the corporate world, leaving the YMCA to be a Branch Manager for Boston Financial Data Services. She was offered a position in 2004 with Robert Half International as an Account Executive.


In 2006 she started her own business, where she still holds the position of co-owner for Lady Chauffeur, LLC. Her community involvement includes volunteering with American Cancer Society's Relay For Life as well as The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. She is currently Co-Chairing the Relay for Life of South County for 2013. Carrie brings over twenty years of management and administrative experience as well as exquisite client service.


Carrie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Rhode Island and an Associate's degree in Business Management from Rhode Island College.


We offer many words of appreciation to Mick Coppolino, Becki Donnell, and Donna Carlson for their work on this committee. 

Only one more issue until Spring!



Until Next Month,
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Jacquelyn H. Tracy

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