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Welcome to a new year and to the new Galilee Beach Club Newsletter! In the off-season, we will be emailing our newsletter once a month, so everyone will be up-to-date about the plans being made for our summer season and about what the board and the various committees have been working. During the season, we will send the newsletter out weekly to share the current events and the activities at our club.


This first issue is actually less news and more of an introduction. One of the first tasks of the board this year was to align each board member with the various operational tasks of our club and develop job descriptions for each position. The purpose of this first newsletter is three-fold: 1) to provide the job descriptions for each of our board positions; 2) showcase the various sections that you might see in upcoming newsletters; and 3) do a call for volunteers for our various committees discussed in this newsletter.


We apologize for the length, but we hope that you will find this information helpful. Look for our first truly news filled issue shortly.


Happy Reading!

President's Ponderings
In this section, the President will offer some thoughts about what is currently going on behind the scenes of the club and what plans we have for the future. Our current President is Jacquelyn H. Tracy.


Job Description - Acts as Chief Executive Officer of the Galilee Beach Club ("GBC") and oversees the GBC Board of Directors. Duties shall include administration of the Corporation's business, and presiding over director's and shareholders' meetings. The President is also empowered to execute contracts, mortgages, loans and bonds under the seal the Corporation.

  • Nominating Committee - According to the bylaws, the President also oversees and appoints the Nominating Committee. The nominating committee prepares a list of nominees for the general offices and trustee positions.
  • Long Range Planning Committee - The President also oversees this committee when one is in place.
Vice President's Views
Here, the Vice President will write about working with our managers and vendors.  Our current Vice President is Donna V. Carlson.


Job Description - Acts as second in command of the GBC and serves as interim President in the event the President cannot perform duties either temporarily or permanently. The Vice President will also serve in the following capacity:


  • Personnel Director - The Vice President will serve as Personnel Director to any managers or vendors (e.g. GBC Manager, Concessionaire) hired by the GBC.The Vice President will work with the Functions and Marketing Chair and Entertainment Chair to ensure that managers and vendors effectively coordinate events from these committees and gather feedback about staff, member, guest, and customer experiences as well as member/customer perceptions of quality and value.
Secretary's Summation
In this space our Secretary might explain sections of our by-laws or write about some of great Galilee Beach Club History. Our current Secretary is Suzanne Hassan.


Job Description - Records the minutes of the Board of Directors' and Shareholders' meetings. The Secretary maintains all minutes and documents, ensures adherence to the By-laws, and is responsible for the parliamentary integrity of all meetings and decisions. Coordinates with Membership and Communications Committee regarding meeting notices and other membership communications. The Secretary also chairs or directs the following activities:

  • By-Laws Committee - Works with GBC counsel to write and recommend by-law changes based upon clerical errors, operating needs, or by the request of the board or a committee.
  • GBC Historian - Responsible for recording and maintaining the GBC's history.
Treasurer's Tallies
Wondering how our financials look or when your bill is coming out?  This is the space where you will find that type of information.  Our current Treasurer is Eugene D'Onofrio.


Job Description - Responsible for all financial matters related to the Club, including budget oversight, internal controls, distribution and receipt of funds, bookkeeping, banking relationships, risk management.  The Treasurer shall keep the GBC's books and records and prepare a comprehensive financial report for both board and shareholder meetings.  Coordinates with Secretary and Membership and Communications Committee related to shareholders/members who are not in good standing.  The Treasurer works closely with the GBC Manager regarding GBC related expenditures.  In addition, the bookkeeper reports directly to the Treasurer. The Treasurer also chairs or directs the following activities:


  • Finance Committee - Reviews the operating results of the GBC, reviews expenditures, and develops the yearly budget to be presented to the board.
  • Shareholder Committee - Reviews, approves, and plans for payments related to share repurchases.  Also makes recommendations to the board regarding new share sales and shareholder sales directly to a new or non-shareholder member.  Provides Membership and Communications Committee changes to Shareholders.
  • Technology Sub-Committee - Reviews technology needs and makes recommendations about hardware or software usage for the efficient processing of information related to financial and operational activity.
Board's Briefs

This section will provide highlights of the discussions with, issues faced, and decisions made by your board at the monthly board meetings.  Our intent is to become more transparent in our activities and keep everyone more in the loop with the hope that this will prevent the crazy rumor mill from working overtime!

Membership's Memos
In this section you will hear from our Membership and Communications Committee about our membership statistics, upcoming payment deadlines, and notes about this newsletter.   Addie Knight is our Board Liaison to the Committee. Tracy Kubricky is the Chair of this Committee.


Membership and Communications Committee Job Description - Responsible for the membership application process, as well as handling inquiries from prospective members and answering membership related questions from current members. Coordinates communication efforts to membership to ensure consistent and appropriate messages, including marketing of events, meeting announcements, information from the board, etc. In addition, periodically gathers data on member trends, demographics, and feedback to provide to the board and other committees.


Function's Fan Fare
Here, the Functions and Marketing Committee will provide information about outside functions that will be held at the club and their efforts to market our club to the outside public.    Josephine Curzake is the Chair of this Committee.


Functions and Marketing Committee Job Description - Responsible for marketing the GBC as a membership organization and as a function venue.  Works with outside parties interested in utilizing the GBC for an event and handles bookings of such events.  Coordinates with appropriate GBC managers, vendors, and Vice President as needed to schedule these events.


As a side note, did you all know that you are our best source of marketing for our club?  Please remember that the Galilee Beach Club is available to be rented for weddings, parties, corporate events, etc.

Entertainment's Events
What's happening on a Friday night? What's for supper on Wednesday? When is Brass Attack coming? These are all questions that will be answered right here in this space.   Kathleen Beam is the Chair of the Entertainment Committee.


Entertainment Committee Job Description - Responsible for the planning and scheduling of member entertainment and recreational activities (nighttime, family, and children's), as well as creating the member marketing plan for those activities.

Building's Blurbs
Roses or Daisies?  Did the locks get changed?  What color will the cabana doors be this year?  All the information related to what is happening to the building and grounds of our club will be provided here.  Joe Fiorenzano is the Chair of this Committee.


Buildings & Grounds Committee Job Description - Make recommendations and monitors projects related to maintenance, repairs, restoration of the facilities and grounds of the GBC, including developing and monitoring a capital improvement plan.   This committee is also working on Project Sandy.  

Rules' Ruminations
Did you know that we have an operating manual that outlines the policies of the Galilee Beach Club?  Did know there is a limit to the number of times that a guest can come to the beach?  Here, in this section, any changes to that manual may be discussed or certain rules could be explained.   Paul Harrington is the Chair of the Rules Committee.


Rules Committee Job Description - Responsible for the adherence to all approved GBC policies.  The Rules Committee reviews infractions and violations to recommend courses of action to the Board of Directors.  It also reviews policies annually and makes recommendations for modifications, additions, or deletions of policies, as appropriate.

Committee's Comments
This space is where our subcommittees will give us the four-one-one about what they are doing and the plans being made in those groups.


As shown in this newsletter, we have set-up various committees which will not only help to manage and promote our club but will provide activities, events, and dining options that make an enjoyable summer for all of us.  This also allows many opportunities for anyone to get involved. 


Does one of these committees interest you?  Do you have a talent or skill that you would like to share?  Do you want to give back to your club?  Hopefully, some of you are answering "yes" to those questions!  If so, send an email to to express your interest, and we'll forward that information to the correct liaison/committee chair.  

You may contact any of the individuals by clicking on either the links in the body of the newsletter or on the links on the left hand side. 
Please free to share your comments and suggestions on ways to improve this communciation.  


Until Later This Month,
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Jacquelyn H. Tracy

Galilee Beach Club