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Welcome to our first news filled Galilee Beach Club Newsletter. As noted in the first edition, the newsletter will be sent out on a monthly basis outside of the summer season and weekly during it. Hopefully, this will give everyone a good sense of the activities happening at, around, and for our club.


Happy Reading!

President's Ponderings


If I said that being President of the Galilee Beach Club was dull, I would be lying. Please know it's the absolute truth when I tell you the entire board has been working overtime on their committees and with each other about various projects.


Since October, we have had three meetings: one transition meeting after our annual meeting and two official board meetings (see below for board briefs of those meetings). As you may know, we have convened two search committees and are into the process of hiring a new Concessionaire and Club Manager. Project Sandy activities are moving along, and we have put together an enthusiastic group of volunteers to assist on this project as well as to maintain our property through our Buildings and Grounds Committee. Some of the other activities include a review of the by-laws for any necessary technical corrections, and the Events Committee is putting together our summer activities. In addition, our website has been updated to include a membership page, and to enhance our "contact us" section, e-mail addresses were set-up for all board members related to their committee assignments.


Witnessing the dedication of your board and the people who have already volunteered for our committees has been inspiring. So, although the job hasn't been dull, it certainly has been made easier by the efforts of this group. I am so grateful for that!

Vice President's Views


As a new board member, I expected to ease into the position. My thinking was that the season doesn't begin to kick in until early spring. Was I ever wrong! Losing our general manager and food concessionaire, not to mention Super Storm Sandy changed all that. It's been incredibly busy.

The good news is that you have a committed board, working hard to ensure all is ready for the season ahead. Just last weekend, we interviewed for both key positions, and, thankfully, we have attracted some fine candidates. Hopefully, decisions will be made before the next newsletter goes to print.

Treasurer's Tallies


Our fiscal year, ending November 30th , is expected to show positive results and the final figures will be provided at the spring shareholders meeting. Gene has been working closely with our insurance agents, and we have several open Project Sandy claims that he is tracking to ensure that we receive the appropriate proceeds from those policies. Advances from these policies have already been received to finance the reconstruction work to date.


In addition, the Finance Committee has been working on several projects:

  • Drafted a Records Retention Policy for the orderly disposition of documents.
  • Reviewing proposals and participating in demonstrations from potential vendors for our planned installation of a Point of Sale, Food and Beverage, and General Ledger systems. 
  • Finalized the purchase of certain restaurant/kitchen equipment from prior vendor.
  • Continued to design an Accounting Procedural and Policy Manual.
  • Drafted a Stock Policy that spells out procedure for the sale and buy back of the Club's Common Stock.
  • Conducted a physical inventory of all of the Club's fixed assets and tagged items for safeguard. Results of this inventory will be reflected on the balance sheet going forward.
  • Created a formal Expense Reimbursement form to properly account for any reimbursable member spending.
Board's Briefs

Notes from December and January Meetings

  • Board Members were aligned to various committees and operating tasks.
  • Standard documents and formats including letterhead templates have been created. A storage mechanism (Dropbox) has been introduced to allow for central access to those documents, works in progress and historical records of the GBC.
  • E-mail addresses have been set up for each board member, using the domain address for ease of access for inquiries.
  • Project Sandy is underway; we have been in contact with insurance carriers regarding flood and wind insurance and hired an interior design for the dugout, deck engineering, and roof repair.
  • Concessionaire Search Committee has placed an ad for a new concessionaire and is in the process of scheduling interviews with candidates.
  •  Manager Search Committee is working to fine tune the job description and also identify potential candidates. 
  • A wedding functions postcard was developed and will be included in 500 gift bags at the January wedding expo.
  • All cabanas have been rented and there are a small number of bathhouses still available.
  • Newsletter was developed!
Membership's Memos

To date, we currently have 129 memberships assigned with all the Cabanas rented and only two bathhouses still available. We also have 7 dining memberships.


A membership page has been added to the GBC website, and the 2013 application can also be found there. Check it out and send the link to any friends and acquaintances who might be interested in joining! We fully expect to be at capacity for memberships this summer, so don't wait if you haven't sent into your payments to date.

Function's Fan Fare

Josephine Curzake has been showing the club throughout the fall and winter for events in the 2013 and 2014. We have already booked a couple of events. For safety reasons related to the deck's damage, we did turn away some functions this fall. However, fielding those various inquiries are helping us to build a GBC marketing plan with which we hope our new Concessionaire will also assist.


A postcard is in the process of being created that advertises the GBC as both an event venue and a membership opportunity. These postcards will be left at the Narragansett Chamber of Commerce Office and used as collateral when appropriate. We will also begin to have representatives at the Chamber's Monthly Business After Hours events to strengthen our presence in our local business community.


On a related note, the Board will be reviewing how to break out our function business as a separate division in our financial statements, so we can begin to track and evaluate the income and expense related to these specific operations.

Entertainment's Events

We have developed a budget for the adult's and children's entertainment and have begun the advanced bookings of some acts. Stay tuned for details of some of those events in future newsletters.

Building's Blurbs

Project Sandy work is underway. As noted above, Gene is working with our insurance agent to process the various claims and track the financial aspects of this process. Our coverage included a general policy, umbrella policy, and a flood policy with a full replacement value option. So, we are hopeful that most of the reconstruction costs will be covered.

The Buildings and Grounds Committee met on the first Saturday of the year and will be meeting again in February. The following Project Tasks are underway:

  • Hired and scheduled roofer to work on roof repair including the step-down pieces over the kitchen.
  • Ordered new windows and a door for the dugout.
  • Finalizing quotes for deck repair and exterior repairs, as well as, scheduling this work.
  • Hired and met with interior designer who is in the process of drawing up the redesign of the dugout.
  • Chose a vendor to replace dugout equipment who will work with the interior designer.
  • Reviewing the process and steps necessary to rebuild the dunes.
  • Demolition of the dugout has begun.

At future meetings, this committee will review and develop the plan for near-term and future capital projects.

Committee's Comments

The Concessionaire Search Committee has placed an advertisement and has since interviewed several candidates. References and menu proposals are now being reviewed. Josephine Curzake is spearheading this committee.


The Manager Search Committee is finalizing the job description and has met several candidates to vet their interest in this position. An advertisement has also been placed for this position. Paul Harrington is leading the charge for this position.


I hope the winter has been treating you all well. As you can see from the above, not only is the calendar helping to move us closer to summer, so are our committee volunteers. If you want to help out in on any of those committees, please send an email to  or to any of the board liaisons or committee chairs.


If you have any questions, please let me know.



Until Next Month,
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Jacquelyn H. Tracy

Galilee Beach Club  


Mission Statement

The mission of Galilee Beach Club Association is to preserve the existing family-oriented Beach Club by conducting a casual, seasonal, social organization with beach, dining facility and associated services (cabanas, bathhouses, etc.) which will be open to all family members, and to encourage our shareholder members to take an active part in the club's operations.