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MAY 2013
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The weather has slowly started to cooperate and things are in high preparation mode around the club, so maybe summer will come soon. See below for some of those preparation activities and detail on our first dining event.


You will also notice that we have updated the newsletter format to show the board member or committee chair related to each article.  Clicking on the name will also allow you to send an email to that person.  You can also send an email to any member of the board, by clicking on his/her name on the left panel.


Happy Reading!

President's Ponderings


I know that I probably shouldn't have laughed when my brother-in-law told me that there was a pregnant raccoon settling in on the club's roof. It was just two days before the roofer was going to come to replace the flat part of the roof. The roofer had to do his work before the awning frame could be reinforced and resettled back onto the roof. Then the dugout's hood and exhaust system could be set-up. No big deal, it's not like it was mid-May or anything! I figured we could just have a "name that raccoon and her family" contest as our first GBC event of the season. Apparently, "Roxanne" decided there was a better place for her to start her family and luckily moved on. (I am pretty sure that Joey got up on the roof and moved her himself, but I am not asking...).


These are the things that you never plan on when running an organization. So again, I am most thankful for a board and other volunteers that pitch in, however and wherever needed, so my first inclination can be to laugh, rather than panic. Here's to many laughs this summer on the beach!

Vice President's Views

I have been a member of the GBC for many, many years. Summer has always been my favorite season, and I always equated summer with the Club. For the week in advance of Father's Day, I'd watch the weather forecast carefully, hoping to wriggle my toes in the sand for the first time on that official opening day. Never did I stop to think about what it took to ready the club. Sure, I'd recognize the fresh coat of paint on bathhouse doors or the freshly mown grass. Then, I would settle into my spot in the sand and enjoy! I'd make my way up to the deck for lunch, hoping our food provider would be good. And, yes, frequently find something to complain about.... the service, the wet chairs ... whatever!


As a new member of the board, my perspective has changed dramatically. Folks have been working since last fall getting the GBC ready for all of us. While this has been an unusual year (the hiring of a new manager, food concessionaire, and, of course dealing with Sandy), I suspect that each year poses its challenges and keeps the board and volunteers very busy. What I have also learned is that some of our members have worked tirelessly for many years to make our club a fantastic summer getaway.


I will never again take this community service for granted. A much belated thank you to the many members who have worked hard on the board, on a committee or just "stepped up" and volunteered to make our club a better place over the years. As they say, "it takes a village..." and in this case it really does!

Treasurer's Tallies


I am pleased to report that the GBC is now running "live" with its Club Systems Group software modules for accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger and membership.  The final module - Food and Beverage - training and installation was completed this week.  It is also worthy to mention at this time that we are running well within budget.  I offer a special thank you to all those employees/volunteers who have been instrumental in continuing to make the system installation a success.


The GBC continues to track on budget in terms of general revenue, operating expenses and profit.  One accurate measure of club success and financial health is membership and the good work and new initiatives of the Membership Committee have kept our membership projections for this fiscal year favorable as well.  There are no major unfavorable trends or variances to report for the five (5) months ended April 30, 2013.  The small incremental dues increase budgeted for the year will support a small wage increase for employees and higher projected costs for utilities, property taxes and insurance.  Finally, thank you for recognizing the importance of timely payments for dues and food minimums this year.  Our collection rate has been excellent and is well appreciated.


We continue to work with our Flood and Wind carriers to recover the loss sustained from Hurricane Sandy.  Claims have been submitted to the carriers for "dwelling damage" (deck, roof, exterior and interior dugout and one apartment) and "contents damage" (kitchen/restaurant equipment).  We are anticipating some financial exposure due to deductibles, caps on certain types of expenditures (code related) and building upgrades (windows, etc.).


The Building and Grounds and Finance committees have begun to look at potentially beneficial capital projects.  None of these projects have been approved and will be subject to a detailed analysis and costing, and you will be kept well informed.


As always, thank you for your continued usage, your support and your shared passion for our club---the finest in the region.

Board's Briefs

The April Meeting was by-passed - commitee and project information was shared via email.


May Meeting was held on the first Thursday in May.  Discussion items included:

  • Finance Council will develop a process for reviewing charitable requests.
  • A spring project will be to consolidate all records and place them in an electronic document management system.
  • A dugout Open House will be planned when there is a firm completion date.
  • Roof incorporating vent hood from dugout will be finished in two weeks.
  • Beach side cabana 50% finished.
  • Deck is done. Needs additional sand beneath when beach grading is done.
  • Dugout floor to be worked on Monday and then rough-in can begin
  • All equipment ready for delivery.
  • Snow fencing in place and dunes already showing signs of reclaimation.
Membership's Memos

There are still a few members who have not yet sent in their membership fees and/or food minimums. These payments were due May 1st. The membership committee is in the process of notifying these members that their membership and shareholder discounts are now in jeopardy. If you are not sure if you are paid in full, please send an e-Mail to or leave a message at the club. In addition to all fees being paid in full, we need to receive your signed 2013 application before we can process your parking passes and ID cards.


We still have a small number of Walk-on, Weekday, and Dining memberships available. If you have any family members or friends interested in joining, please have them contact the membership committee.

Function's Fan Fare

We have been busy scheduling functions. We do have a few upcoming functions the last few weekends of June that might impact beach plans.


  • Saturday, June 22nd - There is a wedding that starts at 6pm. We will need the parking lot and the beach free for the wedding party starting at 4pm.
  • Sunday, June 23 - There is a shower from 12-4pm in the dining room. This shouldn't interfere with lunch on the deck or sips and dips, but there may be more cars in the parking lot. Carrie and her team are prepared to handle the overflow.


You might be asking, why-why do they do this to me? Several years ago, the shareholders voted that even though the season was open to our members, we would allow events on the June weekends between Father's Day and the end of June. As you know, that is a prime event season so having these weekends available allows us to generate additional revenue and also to market our club to future potential members and event planners. We apologize for any inconvenience, believe me I hate leaving the beach too, but it truly is for the good of our club.

Entertainment's Events


Save the date...July 6th GBC will feature the band Reminisce!!! What better way to kick off the first big weekend of summer than swinging to the oldies!!! We will have live entertainment every Saturday night so book the baby sitters now and hold the dates!!! Each weekend will also feature a children's event and our new manager Carrie has lots in store for the kids. Watch for more events in the next newsletter!

Building's Blurbs


The work on Project Sandy has been moving along. As of this weekend, here is where we stand.  The downstairs apartment is about 80% complete. The deck work has been completed and the awning frame reinforced and the awning installed for the summer. When the beach is graded for the summer the sand will be leveled out around the bottom of the deck stairs. The roof work and hood installation is almost complete.


The dugout reconstruction is well underway. The timeline to the Father's Day deadline is very, very aggressive, but if everyone thinks good thoughts it should be done by then. The worst case scenario is the end of June, but again if everyone thinks good thoughts, we should be on target. At this point the floor has been graded, electrical system installed and inspected, plumbing installed and inspected and the insulation has been blown into the walls. The beer cooler (yes, a new beer cooler with taps both downstairs and upstairs) has also been installed. The walls and finish work are next. Then the floor can be completed and the equipment delivered and installed. So, THINK GOOD THOUGHTS!!


The grounds part of this committee has also begun their work. They have planned out the flowers and other plants to be placed around the club. Mulch work will be done this week. Thank you to Marcia Harrop and Becki Donnell for doing this work.

Food Footnotes

Our first dining event will be a Father's Day Lunch - So, join us rain or shine for good food and fun!

Menu Will Include: ~Loaded Baked Potato Salad ~Chopped Garden salad with a Vegetable Bouquet ~Millonzi's Twisted Pasta Salad~ Barbeque Chicken with Kentucky Bourbon Barbeque Sauce~ BBQ Rack Ribs~ Hot Dogs and Hamburgers with all the Fixings ~House-made Tuscan Potato Chips with Gorgonzola Gravy~ Dessert: Fresh Fruit Salad with a Honey Crème Fraiche Dip

Price: Adults ~ $19.95 and Kids Under 12 ~ $13.95


Please call us at (401) 789-9675 or e-mail us at  to make a reservation!


Watch the next newsletter for details on our other events planned for this summer.  

Manager's Minutes
The excitement of opening day is in the air, the club is filled with hustle and bustle, the grass is mowed, the flowers are being planted, and the clean-up of Sandy is just about done. Old staff and new staff alike are onboard and excited for your return. Our weekends this season will be filled with fun and exciting entertainment, we have put together a wonderful youth program and have many fun filled family events planned for everyone. 


I look forward to meeting each and every one of you opening day, come join us for a fantastic day filled with old friends and maybe one or two new ones, great food, and fantastic music, what could be better than Father's Day on the beach.


See you there!

As, we finish our preparations, your assignment for the next month is to think good thoughts, have patience with us regarding the late June functions, and wash those beach towels because summer is coming.
Until Next Month,
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Jacquelyn H. Tracy

Galilee Beach Club