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Trade Shows
Visit our interactive booth at one of these trade shows. 

September 12-15, 2016:
Columbus, OH

Columbus, OH

September 13-14, 2016:
Canadian Utilities Equipment and Engineering Show
Toronto, Canada

October 13-14, 2016:
International Lineman's Rodeo & Expo
Overland Park, KS

November 8-9, 2016:
Arizona Utilities Supervisors Association
Phoenix, AZ

Employee Spotlight
USI welcomes Peter S. as our newest Process Engineer. Peter recently graduated from the University of South Carolina where he studied Mechanical Engineering. He enjoys fishing and anything else to get him out on the lake.
We are glad to welcome Bryan L. as our new Accounting Manager. Bryan graduated from Appalachian State University with an Accounting degree. He enjoys golfing, four wheeling, and anything that gets him outside.

The end of August brings us to the beginning of Trade Show Season. USI will be attending several major trade shows across North America this Fall.

These shows offer a great opportunity for you to get your hands on our Tools and Products. Drop us a line if you plan to attend any of these shows. We look forward to seeing you in our booth!
ESMO Trade Show - September
IEEE - ESMO Indoor/Outdoor Show
We are headed to Columbus, OH September 12-15 for the IEEE-ESMO Trade Show. This unique event features both indoor booths and outdoor live demonstrations inside a nearby Substation.

This is a great opportunity to get hands on experience with our tools and products. A few of the items being demonstrated are:
  • the BREAK-SAFE® Load Break & Pick-up Tool
  • the LOAD-RANGER® XLT Load Break Tool
  • Full line of BLUE STRIPE® Fiberglass Hot Sticks
  • Jack Jumper™
  • Many other Overhead and Underground Tools

Check out the Floor Plan and booth #327 or send us an email to let us know you are coming.

Load Break Tools - How They Work
It is easy to take certain lineman tools for granted. But there was a time when safety and ergonomic concerns were luxuries.

Take the LOAD-RANGER® XLT Load Break Tool as an example. We improved upon a well established design already on the market by making a lighter, easier to use tool. A loadbreak tool like this offers linemen a safe way of opening cutouts and switches. Have you ever asked yourself how they work?

Our How It Works series of videos demonstrates some of the key internal workings of our load break line of tools in a quick and easy to understand format. Take a few minutes and see for yourself.

Want more information about hotline tools? Visit our Rep Locator page and request a visit.
NEW Range Poles & Stick Stoppers
BLUE STRIPE® Telescopic Range Pole (webpage)

BLUE STRIPE® Telescopic Stick Stopper (webpage)
Sales Rep Updates
Power Equipment Sales Company expands representation for USI into Iowa. Their experienced team has already hit the ground running and continue to expand our presence across the state. Their territory now includes Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Southern 1/2 of Illinois. 

Midwest Electrical Resources Company now covers the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This successful agency does a great job for USI in Wisconsin, Northern half of Illinois, and NIPSCO properties in Northern Indiana already. This expansion will be a good fit for both of us.

We are excited to bring Powerlink Electrical Sales up into Michigan. Their whole team does very well for USI in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio already. This move will ensure positive growth for years to come.

We continue to grow internationally and would like to welcome our new partners:  MORSTAR in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, POWERPACK in Singapore, and TAURUS in India.

Visit our Sales Locator to find the rep nearest you.

Second Generation BREAK-SAFE® Maintenance
The second generation BREAK-SAFE® Load Break & Pick-up Tool is more popular than ever two years after its debut. Now is the time to ensure those tools are being maintained properly.

One of the many advancements of the 2nd generation BREAK-SAFE® was extending the service interval to every two years. Since we released this version in May of 2014, now is the time for you to check the Maintenance Stickers to ensure each tool is current.

Visit our Repair Service page for more info.
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