September 2013

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ICUEE Show . . . the BIG ONE!
Fancy Lights, Backdrops 

Lounge Chairs. . . NOT!


No fancy booth lighting, no pretty backdrops, no slick big screens or lounge chairs. This year's booth is purpose built to demonstrate our quality, American made tools in action!

When you have the only tool in the world that can Load Break and Load Pick-up, you need to demonstrate it properly. But do you need a fancy booth?

At this year's ICUEE Show in Louisville, KY we will have a working booth without all the fluff. It features full size, 3-phase overhead distribution lines that are energized (low voltage of course). We can fully demonstrate several of our tools, including the BREAK-SAFE« line of tools which act like portable switches, the Jack Jumper™ Cutout Bypass Tool, as well as the LOAD-RANGER« XLT Load Break Tool.

The show starts Tuesday, October 1 and runs for three days. Named The Demo Show, this will be the biggest utility equipment show of the year. We plan to bring our entire line, and welcome all visitors. 

Collect the cheap give-aways at other booths; we will be giving demonstrations and handshakes. 
Visit the online show map: booth #4134
We are Lineman Driven. Field Proven!
LOAD-RANGER« XLT Reducing Weight, Not Performance

At just over 4 lbs, the LOAD-RANGER« XLT is the lightest load break tool available; up to 20% lighter in fact. But don't let the lightweight fool you, this tool is a workhorse. 

We have designed this tool to safely and reliably break loads time and time again. From the push button reset, to the

internal arc snuffing mechanism, we insure every tool can handle the rigors of life in the field.


Watch our new video and see for yourself why lineman and utilities prefer the LOAD-RANGER« XLT.

What is Your Transformer Training Program?
XFMR Load-Trainer
Text books and training software are necessary and valuable tools for lineman training. However most students still prefer the "show me and let me try" approach for a complete understanding of transformers.
That is why the Load-Trainer™ Transformer Simulator is the best choice for teaching and demonstrating transformer installation and trouble shooting. The Load-Trainer™ can simulate real-world scenarios that a lineman will face in nearly every system in the country. From single-phase connections to more complex three-phase systems including Delta-Wye, Wye-Delta, even Wye (one leg out)-Open Delta, the Load-Trainer™ can introduce problems and force the trainee to think through the process. 
With eight hidden toggle switches, an instructor can teach important diagnostic techniques that ensure each lineman will be completely versed in transformer connections and trouble shooting.
Another benefit of the Load-Trainer™ is its portability. Think about the  XFMR Load-Trainer expense of bringing trainees to a central location. The sturdy shipping containers that hold the desktop unit and the power unit come standard and allow the classroom to be sent to each field office.
A powerful, portable, transformer simulator/trainer that sets up in minutes and shows real, measurable voltage.
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Meet Our Staff
Joe Sample
Joe Sample

Started: 2005

Joe is originally from PA. He and his wife celebrated their 
50th anniversary this year and have 5 children and 5 grandchildren.
2013 Shows and Events
October 1-3:
International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition 
Louisville, Kentucky

October 16-19:
International Lineman's 
Rodeo & Expo
Overland Park, Kansas
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