March 2013

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Still the NEW Tool

Although the BREAK-SAFE� line has been around for more than 10 years, it is still considered new and revolutionary.  . . and for good reason. 


At just over 7 lbs. this super feather weight does the work of a super heavy weight! Capable of functioning like a portable switch in the hands of a trained crew, the BREAK-SAFE� Load Break and Pick-up Tool can safely energize and de-energize a parallel circuit using standard jumpers. 
The usual procedures for replacing or maintaining pole top hardware often involve lots of crew, lots of time, and occasionally power outages. With its ON/OFF capability, the BREAK-SAFE� can perform these procedures safer, faster, and while the power stays on.

Break-Safe® by Utility Solutuions










These tools are often lumped in the Grounding or Jumper categories, but this tool is so much more. If you haven't learned about the industry's only pick-up and load break tool. . . now is the time!


We are Lineman Driven. Field Proven.™
Featured Product
Jack Jumper™ Cutout Bypass Tool

Jack Jumper™ Cutout Bypass Tool

Another Great Lineman Idea Brought to Life! 

The Jack Jumper™ Cutout Bypass Tool permits a safe and quick method to bypass an overhead cutout without the tedious use of bulky jumper cables. The tool is indispensable for fuse coordination tasks and permits easy bypass of an underground dip. 
Jack Jumper™
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The Jack Jumper™ Cutout Bypass 
Tool saves time and money,
eliminates risk of service interruption and prevents accidental cross
phasing. Installation and removal of the Jack Jumper™ Cutout Bypass Tool is done with a shotgun stick.
Jack Jumper™ Cutout Bypass Tool
The Jack Jumper™ Cutout Bypass Tool is another lineman idea that we refined, developed, 
and successfully brought to market.  We manufacture them in our production facility in North Carolina, and like most of our products, this tool is 100% USA MADE!
Jack Jumper™ Cutout Bypass Tool
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Utility Solutions Overhead Fuse Cutout
Cutout inventory has just been increased. 
Utility Solutions Cutouts are RUS Approved and meet or exceed all applicable ANSI performance requirements. All testing is performed at an accredited independent laboratory.

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Todd Moore
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Utility Solutions
Some of our most popular products were once lineman ideas. The Grab-It™ Cutout Fuse Tube Remover, Jack Jumper™ Cutout Bypass Tool, and the Jumper-Aid were all ideas directly from Lineman.
GRAB-IT by Utility Solutions
If you have a working prototype and need help refining it, or just want to see if it is worth pursuing, email
us. You could start earning royalties of your own!

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