March 2013

Utility Solutions

WARNING - This article may get your hands dirty!


Sometimes you have to get your hands on something in order to make it successful. Utility Solutions has created a hands-on approach to research and development, manufacturing, and distribution and so far it's working.


Research and development is essentially "finding out if this idea will fly". Mike Nolte, President, speaks with lineman in the field almost every week who think they have the next big idea. Some of them do, and it demonstrates our philosophy of dealing directly with the end user. This has created a very successful culture of Lineman Driven that permeates throughout the entire company.


Our manufacturing philosophy is also direct and hands-on. Almost every product we offer comes from our Hickory, NC plant where we have invested heavily in the latest equipment allowing us to maintain high quality standards and low production times. But the equipment is not the defining measure of our abilities. It is the hands-on environment in production that really sets us apart. Our folks know these products end up in the hands of lineman, where a persons safety is on the line and 

Utility Solutions BLUE STRIPEŽ Hot Sticks

where our company is ultimately represented. Hand crafted tools and products, made in the USA by folks that care.


Distribution is where you come in. . . We are not a huge company, nor do we aspire to be, so we take a one-on-one approach to selling. You will find our products on demonstration trailers across the country where end users can touch and feel the products and see how they work. We have representatives and distributors worldwide who are familiar with our products and we display at many trade shows with hands-on exhibits, giving opportunities for YOUR hands to hold OUR products.


Our success has come to us one customer at a time. When was the last time you got your hands on our products?


We are Lineman Driven. Field Proven.™

Featured Product
GRAB-IT by Utility Solutions

Grab-It™Cutout Fuse Tube Remover

Another Great Lineman Idea Brought to Life! 

The Grab-It™ offers a simple and safe way to remove and install overhead fuse barrels.

Simply sweep behind the fuse barrel and lift. The Grab-It™ works
just as well on a 50 ft stick as it does on an 8 ft. Requires no special stick movement or procedure to operate.

The Grab-It™ has no moving parts, no springs and is machined from aircraft grade aluminum.
The Grab-It™ was the first lineman idea incorporated into our product line. It was introduced in 2001 and is considered the original fuse
GRAB-IT by Utility Solutions
tube remover with thousands serving in the field. 
We have and continue to refine the design and now offer a complete line of Grab-It™ tools that can handle every fuse tube model. We manufacture them in our production facility in North Carolina, and like most of our products, this tool is 100% USA MADE!
Get Your Hands on Our Bags!
Utility Solutions Bags
Our bags and cases are made specifically for each tool. Wether it's a

BLUE STRIPEŽ Hot StickLOAD-RANGERŽ XLT Load Break Tool, or a Meter Grabber, we have a bag designed to store and protect the items your rely on everyday. 


Order your Tool with a Bag!

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Meet Our Staff
Holly from Utility Solutions

Holly Gulino
Started: 2011
Duties: Customer Service, Inside Sales, Accounts Payable, and Front Door Guardian. . . plus a lot more.
Holly is originally from Long Island, NY and moved to Hickory, NC in 2006 with her husband and three children.
2013 Shows and Events
April 8-12:
NWPPA Engineering and Operations Conference Portland, Oregon

May 15-16:
Great Lakes Electric Utility Show Lansing, Michigan

October 1-3:
International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition 
Louisville, Kentucky
Demo Trailer
Utility Soltuion Demo Trailer
Our newest Demo Trailer
just hit the Road in February, and another one is being refitted now.
Contact your Sales Representative to schedule a visit.
Got An Idea?
Utility Solutions
Some of our most popular products were once lineman ideas. The Grab-It™ Cutout Fuse Tube Remover, Jack Jumper™ Cutout Bypass Tool, and the Jumper-Aid were all ideas directly from Lineman.
Jack Jumper™ Cutout Bypass Tool  by Utility Solutions
If you have a working prototype and need help refining it, or just want to see if it is worth pursuing, email
us. You could start earning royalties of your own!

Utility Solutions
Our tagline says it all - Lineman Driven. Field Proven.TM

Since 1992 we have focused on the lineman 
by manufacturing real tools and supplies for the field