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May 1st, 2015
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Q: What is the maximum displacement of a NASCAR NEXTEL Cup engine?

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By, Dave Sutton. Published in Engine Builder Magazine this month.

It's in your best interest to avoid assembling engines with parts you did not sell. The reason for this is twofold. Not only are you missing the chance to make profits from the parts, there are warranty concerns.


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Let The Light Shine In

When I'm struggling to see the valve keeper groves on an overhead cam head, with "bucket style" lifters, I attach a small flash light to shine thru the top of my air operated spring clamp. This puts the light directly in the area needed. This also leaves...

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Marine Manifolds

Lost Foam = Improved Castings

Fully Tuned, designed to increase performance, reduce back pressure, add horsepower to your engine.

Stop Repairing our cars!

In comments filed with a federal agency that will determine whether tinkering with a car constitutes a copyright violation, OEMs and their main lobbying organization say cars have become too complex and dangerous for consumers and third parties to handle.

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How to Catalog Parts by Bore Size

Wev'e built two kits based on the most popular Chevy bore sizes: 4.00" and 4.125"
Item: BPMSBC4000
Item: BPMSBC4125

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A:  358CID

In 1971, NASCAR phased in a rule to lower the maximum engine displacement from 429 cubic inches (7.0 liters) to its present 358 cubic inches (5.8 liters).

Q: What is the maximum displacement of a NASCAR NEXTEL Cup engine??
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