June 2014 - In This Issue:

Commissioner Boyd joins the Mayor and Board of County Commissioners (BCC) in proclaiming June 3 "Sisaundra Lewis Day" in Orange County.

Orange County has been collecting water quality data on the Butler Chain of Lakes for more than 40 years.  Based on the data collected at the Lake Down Sub-Basin 15, a project was designed to capture the phosphorus coming from upstream areas near Lake Down. 


The project is a stormwater pond that will take in runoff from the upstream basin (approximately 377 acres in size) and apply a chemical to it called aluminum sulfate, or alum, for short.  Alum binds the nutrients for removal and allows cleaner water to end up in Lake Down. 


The Lake Down NRF will also be used as an educational facility, and displays will be constructed to educate the public about lake pollution and treatment.


The construction of the Lake Down NRF project is scheduled to start in fall 2014.


Project Site for the Lake Down Nutrient Reduction Facility at Sub-Basin 15


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The following meetings are currently scheduled through the end of June:

  • The Preserve at Lakeside Planned Development (Horizon West) - Meeting will be held Wednesday, June 25, 2014, at 6 p.m. Location to be determined.
  • Perrihouse Planned Development (Dr. Phillips/Horizon West) - Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 26, 2014, at 6 p.m. Location to be determined.

Official meeting notices will be sent via email and posted on Facebook as they become available.



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June 2014

Summer heats up this month, and your District 1 team is ready. We kicked off the month with some star-studded fun as Mayor Jacobs proclaimed June 3 "Sisaundra Lewis Day" at the BCC meeting (pictured above). Meeting attendees were delighted to celebrate this District 1 resident's success on the "The Voice" and throughout her career. What a remarkable representative of Orange County! Read more about Sisaundra.


This month, kids in Orange County wrapped up the school year, and we hope many of you will be enjoying summer vacations with your families. Be sure to check out summer activities available in your local parks and take care to prepare for hurricane season. This information and much more is right here in your June issue of the District 1 Newsletter.

Current Projects & New Developments


Public Safety

Commissioner Boyd has been working to update and amend the Loud Noise Ordinance since 2009. This multi-jurisdictional project has brought together the Orange County Sheriff's Office, the County Attorney's office, County Administration, and the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) with the common goal of exploring additional enforcement options for residential noise complaints. The original ordinance is written to address industrial noise and does not address the types of noise issues residents face today. The proposed amended version would provide recourse for noise disturbances more common to residential and business zones.


One of the most notable changes in the proposed ordinance is the shift from relying strictly on a decibel reading system to using the "plainly audible" standard. In addition, fees would be increased for violations, and enforcement authority would include both EPD and the Sheriff's Office with provisions for notices, civil citations and criminal charges based on the number of times a violation occurs.


On Feb. 11, 2014, the Board of County Commissioners held a work session on the proposed changes to the Loud Noise Ordinance. The proposed changes to the County Code were then routed through the Environmental Protection Commission for review. The amended ordinance will be brought back before the Board as a public hearing during the afternoon session of the June 24 BCC meeting. We welcome any input you may have on the proposed changes.


To improve connectivity to State Road 429 (Daniel Webster Western Beltway) and accommodate future growth in west Orange County, the Expressway Authority is scheduled to build a new interchange between SR 429 and Schofield Road.
The project will include four ramps and two ramp plazas. The ramp plazas will feature both exact change and dedicated E-PASS lanes. The project also includes new drainage, signage and pavement markings.
Work is scheduled to begin this summer and finish in late 2015. During construction, temporary lane closures will be in place, though not during peak travel times. Travel notifications will be posted prior to all scheduled lane closures.
For more information, check out the Expressway Authority's Construction Fact Sheet on the project.



This summer, the Orange County/Orlando Magic Recreation Center at West Orange is offering weekly sports and fitness camps for youth ages 9 to 14.


The activities run Monday through Friday 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m. as follows:

  • Basketball Camp I: June 9-13
  • Cardio Fit and Fun Week: June 16-20, includes activities such as boot camp, Zumba and walking with pedometers
  • Sports Around the World: June 23-27
  • All Sports: July 7-11, a variety of sports and games
  • Gamers Camp and Fun Week: July 14-8, arcade, board and Wii games, inflatables and more
  • Golf Camp: July 21-25.
Cost is $25 per week.


Youth ages 11 to 17 can register for the summer co-ed youth volleyball league, which is held Sundays at 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30 p.m.

  • League play is June 15-August 10.

 Cost is $50 per person.


For more information, call 407-254-6200 or visit www.OrangeCountyParks.net.  

Dr. Phillips

This bustling area of residences, business, restaurants and upscale shops is one of the hottest places to live in Orange County.


The area was named after Dr. Philip Phillips, a pioneer in the citrus industry who eventually sold the bulk of his property to Minute Maid in the 1950s. The property he owned in southwest Orange County was later sold to developers who built Bay Hill and other subdivisions.


This area has experienced explosive growth in the last 30 years,  yet the Dr. Phillips area has been able to maintain its superb quality of life. Many families move to the Dr. Phillips area due to the reputation of the public schools alone. Located on the eastern shore of the beloved Butler Chain of Lakes, many residents are active in boating and water sports.


The Dr. Phillips area also boasts an outstanding community center and numerous first-rate restaurants on Sand Lake Road, which has been affectionately dubbed "Restaurant Row." The area also features the 43-acre, state-of-the-art Dr. P. Phillips Community Park located on Big Sand Lake.



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