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2014-2015 Planning and Guidance 


In order for Louisiana students to be prepared for college and the workforce, they need strong literacy and math skills.  For this reason, Louisiana is transitioning to higher standards, and Louisiana schools are looking to identify, purchase and train teachers on the best instructional resources available.  During this time to learn the new expectations for students, the state is providing increased and intensive support. This week, the Department is sharing resources for 2014-15 ELA and math curriculum based on reviews of many of the instructional tools available.  These resources should be used at the discretion of districts, principals and teachers across the state and are not mandated to be used. Our review of these materials is based on an in depth study of the alignment of these resources with the new student expectations. 




In math, the Department has identified Eureka Mathematics for grades K-12 as a tier one curriculum.  This curriculum can be downloaded for free at any point and districts can printed purchase student and teacher materials. 


  • In ELA, the Department has identified different approaches based on grade band.   
  • In grades K-3, the Department is suggesting that districts use the Core Knowledge/Amplify Skills Strand to provide students with foundational skills and the LDOE unit plans to ensure students have access to on-grade level texts.
  • In grades 4-12, the Department is suggesting that districts use the Department's unit plans.  The Department will be publishing 5-6 units per grade level, and an example unit plan can be found here.

The Department will also be publishing ELA and math curriculum guidebooks starting in early March.  Examples of what can be found in the guidebooks include:

Professional Development


In addition to these curricular suggestions, the Department will also be offering extensive teacher professional development beginning this summer.  This professional development will be open to teachers who are a part of the district's teacher leader cohort. This professional development will include:

  • Teacher leader Summit, June 3-4
  • ELA and math summer institutes in July
  • Ongoing ELA and math training sessions starting in August
  • Virtual ELA and math training throughout the school year to prepare teachers for their next units

***A full professional development calendar will be available in March.


Coming soon


In March, the Department will be sharing assessment guides for 2014-15, reviews of benchmarking tools and curriculum guidebooks.


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