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Getting Ready for 2014-2015 


In order to ensure students are ready for Louisiana's economy, Louisiana has adopted expectations in reading, writing, and math on a par with any state in America.  By 2025, an A-rated school will be one where students on average are achieving "mastery" or level 4 on state tests.  As we raise expectations, educators will need increased, intensive support in planning and teaching towards these higher standards.  Just as they will need to be empowered to make decisions on behalf of their students, so too will they need training and tools to assist in making those decisions.


In preparation for 2014-15, the Department of Education has released a calendar of resources that will be shared with educators over the course of the spring.  These resources include tools specifically created for teachers such as:

  • Instructional Resource Reviews: Reviews of published textbooks, assessments and curricula to support districts in making purchasing choices.
  • Curriculum Guidebooks: Louisiana-developed guides for K-12 math and English Language Arts to support teachers with instruction, yearlong and unit planning.
  • Professional Development Offerings: A menu of professional development offerings in math and English Language Arts to support teachers with implementation of curriculum.
  • Assessment Guidance:  Specific guidance to help teachers prepare for the content of the new assessments.
  • Teacher Leaders: Next year's Teacher Leader cohort will double to 4,000 participants. More information on how to participate will be coming soon.


All of these resources have been created or approved by Louisiana Teacher Leaders. These resources and more will be rolled out at a steady pace in two to three week intervals over the course of the next several months.  The resources will be posted in either the Teacher Support Toolbox or the District Support Toolbox. For a full calendar of what will be released click here.

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