September 25, 2013


In this issue of Ed-Connect, find updated resources and information on the state's transition to the Common Core State Standards. Additionally, you will find Compass support updates including information on how to use student achievement trend data as well as updated guidance for utilizing the Compass Information System.


Common Core State Standards Update CommonCore


In order to compete as adults in an ever-changing economy, students will need to learn to solve problems and to make adjustments. The Common Core State Standards are basic descriptions of reading, writing, and math skills that foster the ability to think critically and that allow Louisiana students to see how they perform compared to students across America. Click here to see how the skills you are teaching in one grade relate to your students' future grades. 


In Louisiana, teachers have been preparing for the new standards for several years. This year's LEAP and iLEAP assessments are fully aligned to the new expectations and are not aligned to the old LEAP/GLE standards. As a result, Louisiana teachers are already teaching to this new level of rigor and are making choices to adjust curriculum in ways that fit their students' needs.


There has been a lot of public talk about the Common Core State Standards in recent days. The Department's resolve remains to ensure that Louisiana's kids have every opportunity to compete on a level playing field, and we will continue to bring the Common Core transition policy to BESE as scheduled. To view a presentation on elementary and middle school policy changes BESE will consider in December, click here.


The Department will continue to share resources to support teachers with planning and instruction. All of these resources can be found in the Classroom Support Toolbox


Later this week, the Department will also post sample Leap/iLEAP tests for grades 3-8 in reading. These sample tests will illustrate how our tests will measure students against our state's standards.   


For guidance on how the Louisiana standards will be tested this year, click here.

For additional information on the content and structure of the Common Core State Standards, check out the 'standards' section of the toolbox.

Compass UpdatesCompassupdates


Student Achievement Trend Data


Last January, the Department announced a series of improvements to Compass. As part of these improvements, the Department agreed to share more information about trends in each student's achievement. These data will show teachers where students are making appropriate progress that should be maintained and where students are not making enough progress and teachers will need to provide additional support. At the end of next week, the Department will share this student achievement trend data with districts. Teachers can use these data to understand trends in each student's past performance and to set rigorous but appropriate goals for student achievement this year.


Compass Information System Enhancements


To support continuous improvements to Compass implementation, the Department will release the latest series of enhancements to the Compass Information System (CIS) on Thursday, October 3. These enhancements are designed to accommodate flexibility in classroom observations. Evaluators have a great deal of flexibility with respect to the frequency and length of observations, as well as the way observations are scored. The specific flexibility available under current law and policy is outlined here. More information on CIS system enhancements can be found below.  

*These and other resources are available in the Compass Library and CIS webpage. Guides to the roster verification, evaluation and value-added processes will be released in spring 2014. Please contact if there are any questions. 

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