June 26, 2013


In this issue of Ed-Connect, find updates on the end-of-year Compass process as well as guidance on how to incorporate the end-of-year evaluation results into your preparation for the upcoming school year.



Closing Out 2012-2013closing


Districts will be finalizing all Compass evaluation ratings by July 29, and the Department will be publishing an overall Compass report in September of 2013. This week, the Department shared Compass data for teachers with superintendents, and in the coming days, districts will be sharing these data with teachers. School principals will be using these data as one source of information, along with information about SLTs and observations, to complete final evaluations. Each individual district has designated a contact person to field all questions about this information, and each district has established a date on which to share the data with teachers. On the date designated by each district, you will be able to access the results within the Compass Information System (CIS).


Using Your Data using


Teachers have been using various forms of data all year to understand the progress of their students. The Compass data provides an additional data point about your overall performance this year and the performance of individual students. When you log into CIS, you will have access to several screens that show these data. This screen shows performance overall relative to other teachers in the same grade and subject level across the state. This next screen shows how individual students performed relative to their expected scores, as well as factors on which the expected score was based, allowing for a student-by-student accounting of how the total score was calculated. These data can help teachers to reflect on how to adjust instruction for the coming year such that your students even further advance academically. 


Kicking Off 2013-2014kicking 


At the start of the next school year, teachers will have more data available to set student learning targets and plan for the school year. You will be able to access the individual value added scores for students from the past year and their expected scores for the current year 2013-2014 year. Data will be arranged in a screenshot similar to this one. Teachers will be able to use this data along with additional information about standards and assessments to set student learning targets for the coming year. As you begin planning towards these targets, several additional tools are available within the Classroom Support toolbox. You can adapt the sample year-long plans that are available for all grades in math and ELA along with the accompanying unit plans.


If you have questions about the data that is being shared or how to use this data, please contact your district's point person.  
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