May 15, 2013


In this issue of Ed-Connect, find updated 

end-of-year resources to assist and guide

teachers as they receive their end-of-year

evaluations and verify their value-added



Roster VerificationCVR


The deadline for teachers to verify their student rosters in order to receive value-added scores was this past Friday. The deadline for principals to verify rosters is Friday, May 17th. If teachers have missed the deadline, they can work with their school administrator to ensure their roster is accurate. 


If you have questions, please email

End-of-Year Evaluation Timeline and Resources Evaluations


Over the last month, the Department has released a number of resources to help guide educators through the end-of-year Compass process. The table below outlines the key actions districts will take in the coming weeks to ensure all teachers and leaders receive actionable, accurate final evaluations.


Upcoming Compass Milestones


Verify student rosters for value-added teachers (teachers and principals)

Deadline for Teachers: May 10

Deadline for Leaders: May 17

*Please note that this deadline was extended by 1 week

Submit final evaluation data in Compass Information System (evaluators)

Functionality Available: May 9

Deadline: July 29

Facilitate end-of-year conversations  (evaluators)

Start/End: Districts and schools develop timeline

Review value-added data and submit evaluations for these teachers (evaluators)

Available: Week ofJune 24

*Please note that this date was updated 

Review Compass Final Report (all)

Released: August


In order to ensure educators have all of the resources they need to complete these actions, the Department has recapped previously released end-of-year materials below.



2013-2014 Planning ResourcesTLR


The Department has created a set of materials that teachers in grades K-12 can use to plan for next school year and the onset of new standards for our students. Find materials from the initial Teacher Leader event here and for video resources click here. Additionally, find the updated Compass End-of-Year Process Guide for Educators here, which now includes answers to many of the great questions asked by Teacher Leaders. Please continue to check the Classroom Support Toolbox in June for updates, including instructional video resources that align with the Compass rubric.

Summer Advanced Placement TrainingAP


To encourage growth of AP Programs statewide, the Louisiana Department of Education is inviting educators statewide to participate in "Laying the Foundation" (LTF) training which will take place July 8 - 11, 2013 at Pineville High School. 150 spots are available for educators who register using the registration promo code: LATTSTATE. To register or for more information click here.


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