April 3, 2013

In this issue of Ed-Connect, find the End-of-Year Compass Guide for Teachers which answers critical questions teachers have been asking. This guide explains how and when you will receive your end-of-year Compass rating and what this rating means for you. In addition, the FAQ will guide teachers on how to use this end-of-year process to begin planning for next year. 
Compass UpdatesCompass

Resources on the Compass End-of-Year Process


The end of the school year provides an opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved with students over the past nine months and an opportunity to look forward to the year ahead. Teachers and evaluators together will use this end-of-year time to evaluate student progress, determine areas of teacher strength and improvement, and begin the planning process for the next school year. 


Compass provides a rich set of data to support educators with this reflection and planning. All of these resources are available in the Classroom Support Toolbox.
  • End-of-year Compass guide for Teachers: This guide answers critical questions that teachers have been asking, including about how and when you will receive your Compass scores and what these scores mean for you. 
  • Sample end-of-year conversation: This video illustrates how an evaluator and a teacher prepare for the end-of-year conversation and what a sample conversation looks like. (Coming next week)
  • Data verification guide for Teachers: This guide explains how teachers should verify their student rosters to ensure accuracy of their value-added scores. 


Compass Data Verification (April 8th - May 3rd)

Teachers who receive value-added data may begin verifying student rosters on April 8th, through the Curriculum Verification and Reporting Portal (CVR). Verifying student rosters is a critically important, required process, as it ensures that the value-added data teachers receive accurately reflect the learning of the specific students whom they taught.  


Teachers will have the opportunity to verify rosters between April 8th and May 3rd.  After this time, teachers will no longer be able to make changes to rosters.


Instructions on how to verify rosters can be found here. If you have more detailed questions, please contact compass@la.gov for further assistance.



Clarification Regarding Value-Added Data for Geometry Teachers


As noted in the end-of-year Compass guide, we have clarified the content areas and grades that will receive value-added scores. Geometry teachers through 9th grade will receive value-added scores as part of their Compass evaluation for the 2012-13 school year. 10th grade Geometry teachers will have access to value-added data for their students for informational purposes only.  Beginning with the 2013-14 school year, 10th grade Geometry teachers' value-added scores will be included in their Compass evaluation.


Please contact compass@la.gov with any questions about this clarification.

Louisiana Teacher Leaders LTL

Congratulations to the 2013 Louisiana Teacher Leaders. Over 1,500 teachers, principals and district staff, representing schools across the state, were named this week after being nominated by their districts. Teachers have been nominated based on their leadership ability and instructional knowledge skill. Teacher Leaders, principals and district staff will begin their work together at a kickoff event April 18th-19th. 


Teacher Leaders will focus on three critical areas: 

  • Resource Awareness: Understanding the shifts Louisiana is making for the 2013-14 school year in Common Core and Compass and understanding all the associated resources.
  • Communication:  Sharing resources and curricular shifts directly and clearly with teachers at their school. 
  • Collaboration: Understanding the essential components of strong collaboration.          
The Teacher Leaders will come together for an additional summer training and will be part of an ongoing support network throughout the school year. These meetings, along with the recently launched online Classroom Support Toolbox, will be part of an extensive effort by the Department to provide professional development and support for educators as Louisiana transitions to more rigorous standards and assessments.
Video ResourcesVideos


Based on educator feedback, videos on the Department's website will now be featured on YouTube, TeacherTube, and SchoolTube. This will allow teachers to access important professional development resources, such as webinars and video exemplars, and messages from both Superintendent John White and fellow educators, both at school and at home. Please click here to access video resources and continue to visit Louisianabelieves.com for regular updates.

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