February 20, 2013


In this issue of Ed-Connect, find information on State Superintendent John White's

live stream speech today at 3pm, detailing preparations for the 2013-2014 school year. Please also see information on the Louisiana Classroom Support Toolbox and detail on this year's state assessments. 
In This Issue: 
Louisiana Believes 2013-2014LAbelieves

Today at 3 pm, Superintendent John White will be delivering a talk on the state's priorities for the 2013-2014 school year and a timeline for forthcoming details on the proposals. These priorities will focus on improving outcomes for Louisiana's youngest learners and students with disabilities, reshaping career education to ensure it leads to careers for our high school graduates, and empowering teachers rather than prescribing curriculum. To see a PowerPoint detailing the proposals click here.


Please join the presentation today at 3 pm via 

www.livestream.com/LDOEcomm to learn more about these plans and your important role in their implementation.

Classroom Support Toolboxtoolbox


As our state continues its transition to the Common Core State Standards, the Department of Education will be providing resources to support teachers as they begin planning for the 2013-2014 school year. Next week the Department will release an online Classroom Support Toolbox that includes tools to help teachers set goals, plan and evaluate student progress. 
The toolbox will include the following:
  • Year Long Scope and Sequences:  For ELA and math, the standards will be bundled into units and sequenced across the school year.
  • Sample Unit Plans:  Exemplar unit plans will illustrate how to plan at the unit level from the year long scope and sequence.
  • Assessment Guidance: Guides will explain the structure of assessments and how the assessments align to the standards. Some sample assessment questions will also be provided. 


In addition, the Department will be launching applications for the first ever Louisiana Teacher Leaders. This group of 2,000 educators from across the state will include at least one teacher from every school, as well as principals and district staff from each district. 


Please join the Department next week for the introduction of the toolbox. Click the link below to join one of two live streaming sessions to receive an orientation to the toolbox. 

    • Wednesday, February 27, 3-4 pm
    • Thursday, February 28, 3-4 pm
2012-2013 Assessment GuidanceAssessment
Discussions and announcements about plans for 2013-2014 should not take educators off track for this year. Please note that for the 2012-2013 school year, all assessments (LEAP, iLEAP, EOCs) will remain aligned to the GLEs and CCSS as outlined in the 12-13 assessment guides available here.  As an additional resource for grades 3-8 teachers, practice tests aligned to the assessment guides are also available here


Please send any questions to Jessica Baghian at jessica.baghian@la.gov 
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