January 30, 2013



In this issue of Ed-Connect, find tips, guidance and other clarifying information on the following:


Coming Soon: Classroom Support ToolboxToolbox

In late February, the Louisiana Department of Education will be releasing a Classroom Support Toolbox to support teachers with the transition to the Common Core State Standards. The toolbox is meant to help teachers in their long-term planning for the Common Core transition. This toolbox will thus include updated guidance on setting student learning targets, sample year-long scope and sequences for ELA and math aligned to the Common Core State Standards, sample unit plans, detailed guidance on future assessments and Compass videos. 



Louisiana Educator to Deliver LIVE Presentations for Teachers and Principals


Thank you to those of you who have already participated in one of the first two live presentations on the recent Compass changes. For those who could not attend the first two presentations or would like to participate again, there will be another live presentation on Thursday, January 31, starting at 5:30 p.m.  The presentation will be streamed live over the internet, and viewers will be able to submit questions to presenters before or during the presentation via compass@la.gov

A recording of the video will be posted on the Department's website the week following the final live presentation. For additional information on Compass enhancements click here for a detailed PowerPoint explanation here for a summary for educators, and here for a YouTube presentation of the adjustments.


To join the live presentations at the times above, please click on the following link: www.livestream.com/ldoecomm.


Again, questions concerning changes to Compass may be submitted now as well as during the live broadcast by emailing compass@la.gov. 
The ACT and Special EducationACT


As you know, the state has committed to ensuring every child has access to the ACT, starting this year. The ACT's reading complexity aligns with the Common Core standards, allowing our state an early start on new levels of rigor. Click here to see a study on what other states have experienced when making this shift. Guidance and FAQs regarding the ACT, LAA 1 and LAA 2 can be found here.  Additionally, you can find the addendum to last week's FAQ, which explains the caps on LAA 1 and LAA 2 testing by clicking here.

Spotlight on Bulletin 741Spotlight
  • Carnegie Credit and Credit Flexibility: This revision streamlines the three current pathways in which Louisiana students can earn Carnegie Credit into two equal options.  Students may now either meet instructional time requirements and pass the course or demonstrate proficiency through an assessment or portfolio at any time throughout the year.
  • Physical Education Credit: This revision encourages athletics and arts participation through allowing students to earn credit for marching band, extracurricular sports, dance team, and cheering as one-half of the one-and-a-half physical education credits needed for graduation
  • Summer School: These revisions remove mandates requiring the Louisiana Department of Education to approve all summer school programs.


The Louisiana Department of Education has recently announced an overhaul of its website. Louisianabelieves.com is constructed with students, parents, and educators in mind and we have redesigned our website to ensure virtual visitors can find the information they need, quickly and efficiently.


Below are some of our new site's helpful features: 


  • Separate Parent/Student and Educator Sections: These new sections were specifically designed to quickly and easily direct parents, students, and teachers to the information that is most relevant to their needs.


  • Library: This new website feature found near the top of the page contains documents, forms and other information about education in Louisiana. The Library was created with the user in mind, realizing that in the past the Department's website lacked a location that categorized and allowed for easy access to resources that teachers and parents use on a regular basis. The Library also contains handbooks and guidelines for school districts to support their administrative functions.


  • New Headings: Information about Department programs and initiatives are now categorized under one of eight headings -Academics, Teaching, Assessment, Accountability, Funding, Early Childhood, Schools, and Courses.


We encourage everyone to click around our new and improved website. If you have thoughts or suggestions to improve our website, please email us at Louisianabelieves@la.gov.  We welcome your ideas on improving our communication to the public. 

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