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School's starting - do you know what digital devices your child is using in school??? Read below for 6 question to ask at your school or school district.
Six questions to ask about
your child's digital use in school

PAA has spent extensive time looking into quantities of writing and research that raise red flags about the impact of the EdTech or digital learning explosion on our children. This high-pressure movement has brought a mishmash of digital devices and online and other pre-packaged programs into our schools, where they are promoted as "personalized," "competency-based," "student-centered," or "self-directed" learning, terms which we refer to together as EdTech. What we have found out about the EdTech push alarms us, and should alarm any parent.*

PAA recognizes that technology has many benefits, but until our concerns about the misuse and overuse of EdTech in schools are effectively addressed, we will continue to speak out and advocate for policies and practices that protect our children from harm.

Now is the time for parents to make sure that their child's school and school district hold regular meetings to inform and update parents about the use of technology. Here are 6 questions to ask:

  1. What specific electronic devices and programs is my child using in school?
  2. How much time per day is my child spending on an electronic device?
  3. How much additional time, if any, is my child being asked to spend on an electronic device outside of school hours?
  4. What data, if any, is being collected by electronic devices and programs? How is the school protecting my child's privacy?
  5. For each specific program attached to an electronic device that my child is using, please share the purpose of the program, the reason for its inclusion in the curriculum, and evidence of its effectiveness.
  6. If I choose to opt my child out of programs that depend on the use of electronic devices, what alternative forms of instruction and assessment will be made available?

*Please see the rest of our EdTech materials for a fuller picture of the dangers of EdTech.


PAA's EdTech reports in the news

We're pleased that our EdTech reports were picked up by Diane Ravitch's blog and EdWeek digital learning blogger Benjamin Herold. Our work was also shared by The Math Forum, the Big Education Ape,  the National Association for Children and Safe Technology, the Alabama Consortium for Technology and Learning, and others.

There will be a follow-up interview in next week's EdWeek. Stay tuned!

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