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What will the Republicans do next??? Well, now they're trying to cut the school lunch program. Sign the petition and contact your Congresspeople today! Details below.


Say no to potential cuts in the school lunch program
Congress is considering a new proposal that would cut the free and reduced-price school lunches for low-income students. If you oppose this, please consider signing this online petition and sharing with your networks:

According to the Education Opportunity NetworkThe Improving Child Nutrition And Education Act  introduced by Indiana Congressman Todd Rokita does the exact opposite of what it claims to do. Rokita is the chair of the House subcommittee on early childhood and K-12 education.

In this case, "improving" children's nutrition means cutting the availability of federally subsidized lunches to hungry children in public schools.

Specifically, the bill, HR 5003, would raise from 40% to 60% the percentage of low-income students in a school required for the school to offer free and reduced lunches for all students, potentially cutting off food to thousands of schools and millions of students, and make it more complicated for parents to apply for or renew their students' eligibility status.  
For a full explanation of what's so bad in this proposal, please read here and here. 

PAA annual leadership conference registration to open next week

We've asked you to save the date (July 18-20), we've told you we're NOT meeting in DC (we're going to Philadelphia instead), and we've reminded you of the details a few times in this newsletter....but now we're actually going live with registration! Watch for the link in next week's issue.   

SOS March

The 2016 SOS Coalition People's March for Public Education & Social Justice is taking place July 8th-10th in Washington DC. The march and rally will be at the Lincoln Memorial. Howard University is sponsoring the SOS Activists Conference.
Join the mass gathering of children and adults who are rallying and marching in support of education and social justice this summer!  Here is event information:

PAAers in the News

Heather on the air

New PAA chapter leader Heather Hicks of PAA-Ocean County NJ was a recent guest of a local talk radio show talking about her experience successfully challenging a digital learning program, and later becoming the target of multiple conference presentations by a digital learning executive.

You will remember Heather's great video showing clips of iNACOL COO Bruce Friend attacking her for questioning her district's choice of their Edgenuity digital learning program.   
Heather does a great job covering this issue and many others, which prompts the host to demand that she run for school board. We agree! And she gives PAA a nice shout out, too.

Buy Killing Ed!

The Killing Ed documentary describing the murky Turkish Gulen movement's huge network of charter schools, and starring PAA founding member Sharon HIggins, is now available for purchase on amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. for under $20.

Buy a copy and share it with your friends and allies. Movie night!


If you share our overall goals of progressive, positive education reform and more parent input in education policy making, we invite you to affiliate with us if you are an existing group, or to form a new PAA chapter. The more of us there are, the stronger our voice will be at every level. Here's how! 
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