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New Year's Resolutions Are Just Wrong

My partner and friend Craig Britton offered his thoughts for how to approach the coming year --- and for New Year's resolutions in particular. His words reflect a great deal of wisdom and experience.


I offer them to you. I hope you enjoy them and find them thought provoking.


Happy New Year!




I've never been very good about New Year's resolutions - making them or keeping them. And this year I decided I really dislike them. At least for me, they're counter productive.


They always seem to be about fixing something, honing in on what's not good enough -- what you failed to do last year. What you aren't satisfied with. They usually start with "I should" rather than "I want to."  Focusing on a negative sucks energy, rather than gives energy. 


Between you and me, I'd rather put my effort into climbing a mountain than climbing out of a hole.


So this year I decided to try to see the year ahead differently, and answer the question, "What are the things I love to do and how can I do more of these?"


But I also decided I needed some sort of filter ... a way of seeing all the possibilities in a way that would tilt me in the right direction, in a very simple way, as I worked through the choices available.


Memories and dreams.


This has become my filter. This year I am choosing to focus on those things that help create great memories or help pursue dreams. For myself, for my friends, my colleagues, my clients, and my family.  

It's amazing how much more energizing this is. It's given me a completely different way of seeing how to give meaning to the choices I make.  How can I make this moment a great memory?  How can I move a dream forward?   


Try it. In having dinner with your significant other, in planning for your business, in your hobby, in your reading, in conversations with your friends, employees or boss. 


And have a New Year filled with great memories and progress toward your dreams.





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January 8, 2013 


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