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January 2014 Issue


Our Mission Statement:
TP provides superior quality assurance programs and services to the forest products industry. This is accomplished by providing timely, cost effective services, thorough and accurate inspections, and exemplary customer service.
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2014 Certificates 






Certificates of Membership were sent out the third week in December. If anyone does not receive their certificate, please contact our office and we will send another one to you.

Current Format Required by July 1st



ALSC has informed all agencies that IPPC marks used by the facilities they monitor must be updated to the current format by July 1st of this year.  The format (shown above) with the trademark on the outside of the box is the most current format that will be required for every facility to use.  Many facilities are already using this format and will be unaffected by this requirement.  Your inspector will be discussing this transition with you and will be able to determine if new marks are required at your facility.  This requirement applies to all types of mark applications including stencils and brands.  Please note that this requirement will not affect the validity of any previously marked WPM with the older format.  Please talk with your inspector if you have any questions regarding this issue.


Mark Legibility

ALSC Regulation 5.6.6 states that "Quality marks of accredited agencies shall be uniform in providing the required information, shall be legible when placed on wood packaging products and shall be in the format shown..."  

According to ALSC, a legible mark is one that has the entire impression on the WPM.  This includes the borders as well as all the information that is included on the example above.  A mark can be deemed illegible if any portion of it is missing (including the border).  Your inspector will be happy to address any questions you may have regarding mark legibility. 


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