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October 2013 Issue


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US/Canada Bi-Lateral Agreement Update








The USDA's latest update on this issue is that there continues to be a lot of "behind the scenes" work on the document related to this matter.  The focus of this effort is to make the transition to full ISPM 15 implementation between the two countries as easy as possible for the companies affected on both sides.  Because this document continues to be a work in progress, the USDA believes full implementation of ISPM 15 between the two countries will not occur before January 2016.

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Life Cycle of the ISPM 15 Mark 



The ISPM 15 mark on WPM remains applicable to it as long no wood is replaced on it.  Once any wood is replaced on a WPM product, regulation 5.6.10 of ALSC's Wood Packaging Material Enforcement Regulations applies which states: "When ISPM 15 quality marked material is repaired the existing ISPM 15 mark shall be obliterated.  Such WPM shall be remarked as ISPM 15 compliant only after the WPM has been subjected to the heat treatment process."


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