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September 2013 Issue


Our Mission Statement:
TP provides superior quality assurance programs and services to the forest products industry. This is accomplished by providing timely, cost effective services, thorough and accurate inspections, and exemplary customer service.
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How Do You Mark Add-Ons?



Add-ons are defined as wood that is added to a previously manufactured WPM to provide increased support for the intended product.  Add-ons are very common in the wood packaging material industry but proper marking is important.  If you are applying add-ons to IPPC marked WPM use these guidelines for labeling.


If the wood add-on is being attached directly to the marked WPM,  then a regular IPPC mark should be applied to those pieces being added.


If you are adding wood pieces that are not being attached directly to the marked WPM, then a DUN stamp should be used to marked on the additional pieces.  


Any wood add-on material should be marked to delineate it from the original WPM product.  Labeling in this fashion makes each company responsible for the WPM originating from it.  If the wood add-on is not marked, the IPPC mark on the original WPM must be obliterated.



       Bark Card 1  
New TP Bark Cards
Are Available










TP has a new design of bark card available for subscribers.  This new  card offers a width and window gauge to measure bark size and furnishes various regulations in both English and Spanish.  The card was developed to provide practical information for those who build and repair WPM on a daily basis.  The belief is that keeping the most common regulations within easy reach for quick reference will help facilities maintain conformance and consistency.  To get this handy tool simply request it from your inspector.



Financial notes:



Personal spending and personal incomes each rose 0.1% in July, the Commerce Department stated Friday. The tiny household spending advance fell short of the 0.3% increase forecast by economists polled by Bloomberg. In better news, the Commerce Department adjusted its estimate of Q2 GDP to 2.5% last week, much better than its original 1.7% assessment.1,2



Economists did not see this coming. The Commerce Department announced the biggest one-month descent in the indicator in a year last week, with core durables (minus defense and airplane orders) slipping 3.3%.3


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