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August  2013    
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     Newly Added to our  "Connected Guest Portfolio"

                     iChargePRO/Cub - iLink


iCharge Pro/Cub/iLink is a comprehensive integration/aggregation management software  
and call accounting application.

Only one interface is needed from the PMS to iCharge Pro/Cub/iLink - everything else will interface into our application,saving your customer on numerous interface charges.


For more information on our new products, please contact your sales representative.

Changes at Innovation Technologies
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We have some changes that will be going into effect beginning October 1, 2013

  1. InnLine Express systems will have a limit of 250 mailboxes for all port sizes. 
  2. InnLine IP will be available in 8-24 ports. Properties needing more than 24 ports will be required to purchase our InnLine IP
Elite voicemail system.

  3. There will be a 10% increase on the price for Wakeup call offloading.

If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative.

Welcome to our Training Library!
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The ITW Training Library is committed to providing high-quality training and documentation on the software and services we provide to our customers. Our videos allow you to view any time, night or day. You can pause, rewind, take notes, all at your convenience. 
The Training Library has a full-motion video and audio tutorials on Setting up Mailboxes, Recording Prompts, etc. 
Click here to check out our new Training Library!

To access the Training Library link, please log in to your account in Distributor Central, you will see the link as one of the options for Commonly Used pages.  If you don't know your password, please contact your sales rep.
New Installs

InnLine Systems:

Hilton Hotel - Evanston, IL
Hilton - Westchase
Holiday Inn Express Inns and Suites - Browning, MT 
Marriott Hotel - Aurora, CO

Contributing Distributors:

Redwood Systems Group Inc.

Co-nexus Communications Systems, Inc.

3 Rivers Telephone Cooperative, INC.

Telnet Corporation






New Distributor Reference Guide
Coming Soon!

This guide will have your pricing and descriptions of all the systems, integrations, TSSAP levels, feature comparisons and dealer policies.

Contact your sales rep for more information.



How to Record a Custom Prompt 


The recording of custom prompts can be useful to a property that wishes to change their Auto Attendant Greeting or Menu, Wake-up Call message or even a Check-in message.  


     Click here to find out more. 

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