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December 2012 
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December 24th and 25th, 2012

January 1, 2013 
Our "Connected Guest Portfolio"     

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IP Connect  - It is a platform designed for easy management / authentication and billing for small to large scale networks. It provides a user-friendly GUI for the offering of extra services and creation of additional revenue. Thanks to the high level security functions, you can safely offer internet to your customers and be rest assured internet service is controlled at all times.

Why the Tiger IP Connect Solution?


- Portal Page Management 

Allows creation of a custom portal for each room. You can use the TigerTMS template or design your own portal page.


- Billing Plan Management
You can define billing plans for floors, guest types or for separate room numbers. Time based and/or volume based billing plan's can be created giving you the complete flexibility needed to bill your customers.

- Login/Logout
Users login through the portal and can logout with a complete customizable logout console. 



For more info on IP Connect click here.

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New Installs
InnLine Systems
  • Four Seasons Chicago - Elite 12 Port Voice Messaging System
  • Marriott Memphis Downtown - InnLine 2020 12 Port Voice Messaging System
  • Nickelodeon Suites Resort - InnLine IP 24 port Voice Messaging System
  • Hospitality Resorts International/Hilton - InnLine IP 28 port Voice Messaging System

Contributing Distributors:
XETA / Windstream
Pinnacle Communications
Design Communications, Inc.
Delphi dba ALLSTREAM


Out of Box Hard Drive Failure 


Although rare, this problem can occur from time to time, due to rough handling during shipping from ITW to it's destination.
It can cause some level of frustration to the installing technician, who will then call our support team.

The good news is this is something that is, in most cases, quickly remedied by taking the following steps...



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