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November 2012 
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Our "Connected Guest Portfolio"     

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Tiger Hotel Pro/Cub  - Designed specifically for the hospitality sector, Tiger Hotel PRO contains a suite of features that help the hotelier encourage guests to use the telephone services and facilities available, not only within their rooms but also throughout the hotel. 

Why the Tiger Hotel Pro/Cub Solution?


Tiger Hotel PRO is the key to maximizing telephony & data

revenue while improving Guest Satisfaction.


- Integrated Solutions

At the core of Tiger Hotel PRO is a powerful integration

engine designed to handle inter-connectivity of any system

using all of the communications available today and planned for

the future. This engine allows us to implement bi-directional

hospitality integration with any system that can support

an external connection.


Originally designed to accelerate the development

and implementation of interfaces to the many PMS vendors

within hospitality, the system's architecture has enabled it to

build a large portfolio of third party solutions that can now

be seamlessly integrated into a hotel's chosen PMS.


On another note, admin extensions are at no cost.

You pay for 1 extension per room, regardless of the number of extensions in the room.


For example, if a property has 50 rooms with 2 phones/lines in each room, and 25 staff/admin they will only pay for 50 call accounting extensions.  


Advanced Reporting is very robust on Pro.  

It includes:


  • Carrier Comparison
  • End Of Day Audit
  • Call Charge Inquiry
  • Operator / Departmental / Extension Response Time
  • Trunk Usage
  • and many more...


    For more info on Hotel Pro/Cub click here.

    For more information on our new products, please contact your sales representative.


    Product Documentation


    As most of you are aware, we have stopped including a paper copy of the installation and integration guides, some time ago.
    We do however, include a PDF on the desktop of the Innline product that you may be installing. If there is ever a time when the documentation has been deleted from the desktop, or moved to another location on the system, there are other methods of obtaining it.



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