Franklin County Area
United Way
Improving's what WE do!

The "we" in that statement refers to the hundreds of individuals who gave to the 2014 United Way campaign, the many folks who work in the agencies supported by United Way funds, and the countless volunteers who helped raise an unprecedented $1,072,730 this year.  Whether you gave a little or gave a lot, we thank you!  Whether you mailed in a donation or gave through payroll deduction in your workplace, we thank you!  Whether you dropped a few dollars in one of our blue buckets or mailed in a check, we thank you!  Perhaps you attended one of our Power of the Purse events, the Golf Tournament, or Piano Jam.  Maybe you were one of the kind folks who opened their door to a student collecting during the Door-to-Door Drive.  However you gave, whatever you gave, we thank you!  And the 72,000 people who received assistance or services from one of our 52 agencies or programs also thank you!  Your contribution truly does make it possible for us to continue supporting the agencies and programs in our county who help people improve their lives.  

Wow!  It is difficult to wrap my head around $1,072,730!  It is unbelievable to me that we were able to raise that much money!  What keeps my feet on the ground and my nose to the grindstone is remembering the large number of people who still need help.  There are still children who need therapy, elderly folks who need senior centers, sick people who need transportation to their doctor, and people who need help paying their electric bill.  No matter how many people we helped last year, there will always be more to help in the future.  I look at the numbers 1,0,7,2,7,3,0 and I am thrilled because those numbers add up to much more than one million, seventy-two thousand, seven hundred and thirty dollars - they add up to a lot of improved lives.

So I say again - thank you!  Improving lives . . . it's what WE do!  You and I doing whatever we can in whatever way we can - that's the magic that turns $1,072,730 into miracles for real people in Franklin County!

Kim Strubberg
Executive Director
Franklin County Area United Way


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