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Helping Those Trapped By Domestic Abuse
  The goal of Franklin County Area United Way is building better communities and, in turn, a better life for all of us.  That is why we help fund ALIVE and their efforts to end domestic abuse. ALIVE has been a Franklin County Area United way partner agency since 2001. The mission of ALIVE is to provide emergency crisis services to help people escape abusive or dangerous relationships. They do that by providing a 24-hour crisis hot-line, counseling services for both adults and children, arranging safe transportation away from dangerous situations, and their Nights of Safety program.
  One day I walked into Walmart and saw a lady sitting on a bench and thought, I know her, but I could not remember her name. I usually won't say anything when I see a past client in public unless they approach me. I don't want to put them in an uncomfortable situation. I continued with my shopping and she approached me, we both said hi and she asked, "You don't remember me do you?" I told her I recognized her but I could not remember her name. Her response almost knocked me off my feet. She said "You don't need to know my name, all you need to know is that you saved my life."                                  
                                                   - Cathy Covington, ALIVE

  ALIVE is more than a crisis hotline for those in abusive relationships.  ALIVE provides educational programs. Cathy and a another ALIVE counselor go into area high school health classes to educate teens on healthy relationships and what to do if one turns violent. Another educational opportunity that ALIVE provides is their Options classes.  Frequent family conflicts which involve aggression and/or physical, verbal or emotional abuse can have harmful effects on children including sleep difficulties, aggressive behaviors, and even withdrawal from friends and activities they usually enjoy.  The Options program is designed to teach parents positive ways to reduce the effects of conflict on their children by helping them understand conflict's impact on children, strengthening the parent/child relationship, and providing emotional support for parents.

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