Whats Ahead For Lake Tahoe Real Estate Market?


I predict prices will rise in 2014 but at a slower, more steady pace compared with our explosive 2013 appreciation rate. The historic 2013 Lake Tahoe Real Estate market created a strong sense of urgency which drove traditional buyers hoping to take advantage of still-affordable home prices and historically low mortgage rates. There are some areas where the medium average price has already surpassed the peak in 2006. This is not  the case for Lake Tahoe still making it an attractive second home area to purchase in 2014. 

Snap Shot of Real Estate Stats for South Lake Tahoe

There has been a 37% appreciation of median sales prices over the last 16 months.
The top 3 most active neighborhoods in South Lake Tahoe:
Lake Tahoe Nevada has seen a similar trend.

For detailed statistical real estate sales reports click here.

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) and the Tourist Core Area Plan

Recently the TRPA adopted the South Lake Tahoe Tourist Core Area plan. This is a plan that encourages the revitalization of commercial and residential properties within the Highway 50 corridor from Fairway Ave at Bijou, up and down Ski Run Boulevard, up to the state line. 


I was attending my regularly scheduled Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club meeting when Joanne Marchetta, the Executive Director of the TRPA, spoke about the plan. "We are seeing the start of an environmental renaissance in Tahoe," Marchetta said. "A spirit of renewal is evident all around, and the community-based vision of more bikeable, walkable, and visually appealing centers for the City of South Lake Tahoe is now ready to guide future investment in an environmentally responsible way."


I see the Tourist Core Plan as something that can benefit a lot of people - homeowners and business owners. Tahoe has always been one of most popular destination locations in the world but has been lacking in infrastructure. I think that the Tourist Core Area Plan is a step in the direction of great progress for South Lake Tahoe. Click here for more information on the Tourist Core Area Plan.

Winter fun for everyone!

Snow is here, the ski resorts are open and there is no shortage of winter fun to be had in South Lake Tahoe...from skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and sleigh rides through the snow, the list of winter activities goes on...

Here's links fun holiday events and a list of winter recreational activities:

Dan's Lake Tahoe Recommended Business for the Month of December

Whether you're a local or just visiting Lake Tahoe, why not slip a colonoscopy appointment in between your schedule of hitting the slopes, cross country skiing or ice skating in the Heavenly Village? The colonoscopy procedure has a bad rap but in truth there is very little pain involved - and it can save your life. That is why this month I recommend Dr. Dan Norman and his GI Lab in South Lake Tahoe. 
The National Cancer Institute estimated that nearly 143,000 new cases of colorectal cancer were diagnosed in 2010. Estimated deaths of colorectal cancer were 51,370. Colorectal cancer is treatable, beatable, and all together avoidable with a screening colonoscopy. 

  • State-of-the-art technology in the field of endoscopy.           

  • Capable of diagnosing and treating such diseases as reflux/GERD, cancer, polyps, and ulcers.

  • Friendly, highly competent, and professional GI staff that work as a team with physician to assist and perform approximately 2,000 procedures annually.

  • Our procedures are performed utilizing moderate conscious sedation provided by specially trained Registered Nurses.

  • Patients are primarily seen by referral from their physicians.

  • Maintain a satellite Liver Clinic for Stanford University. Visiting hepatologists see and treat patients with liver disease.


Medical Director Daniel Norman, M.D.


Department Manager

Shelly Stalter, RN, Director Surgical Services


Phone: (530) 543-5985

Dan's Preview-Review of Tahoe Homes for Sale

If you find a Tahoe home for sale that you're interested in, contact me and I'll provide a video review with audio narration...it will be like you're there touring the house yourself! Many buyers are looking for a 2nd home and aren't in town to actually view it themselves. They are finding this service quite helpful in their search of real estate in South Lake Tahoe.  
Thank you, 

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