We have had a strong start to 2013 in Lake Tahoe.  Homes continue to sell at a strong pace and now the median price is starting to rise.  With a continually reducing inventory of homes on the market and the interest rates still at an all time low, I believe we'll continue to see strong sales. This week, on the Nevada side of South Lake Tahoe, there were no foreclosures for sale and just one short sale!  The rest of Nevada is still seeing enough foreclosures to keep them as the #2 state in the U.S. in the number of foreclosured homes but that isn't the case in Lake Tahoe.  

There has been more activity on the higher end market of homes for sale. One estate just sold in Cave Rock for over $20,000,000 and another in Skyland for over $13,000,000.  There is much more trust in the economy and it shows in these large purchases. Buyers are willing to pay for the kind of home they desire. 

See my article below on a new feature I added to my website.  I think you'll find it helpful in understanding all of the Lake Tahoe neighborhoods. 

Current Lake Tahoe, California Real Estate Figures
January '13            Previous 12 months
Median Sales Price                                  $275,000                      $245,525
Closed Sales                                                  43                                  766
Inventory of Homes for Sale                     231                                 361
New Listings                                                  60                                  894
Month's Supply                                             3.5                                  5.8
Sales Figures for last 12 months
Homes Priced:
$299,887 and below                                 Sales up 20.5%
$299,888 to $434,999                              Sales up 6.6%
$435,000 to $649,999                              Sales up 18.5%
$650,000 and above                                 Sales down 11.5%
The higher priced homes are finally seeing increased sales, even though the above figures for the whole year saw a slight decline. Each month since June has seen an increasing number of home sales. January's sales in the $435,000 range were up 250% and in the highest range they were up 50%.  In fact, the only range that saw a decrease in January was the lowest range which saw a drop off of 22.6%.

Lake Tahoe Neighborhood Videos

Since most buyers are from outside of the Lake Tahoe area I heard a very common theme to questions:  what is the neighborhood like? In order to better serve my clients I've just finished creating video reviews of all of the neighborhoods on the California side of South Lake Tahoe (Nevada is coming soon!).  You can view them in three places:  You Tube Channel , neighborhood description page and neighborhood video page .  I have combined these neighborhoods with my other service of providing video Review/Previews homes for sale that you're interested in.  

                                Dan's Lake Tahoe Favorite 
                           Businesses for the Month of February

My two businesses of the month are both new places on the South Shore.  They basecamp have a common name, but are separate and owned by different groups. 

                                       *               *               *             *
My second business of the month is Basecamp Pizza.  It is located across the skating rink from my office in the Heavenly Village.  They aren't like your normal basecamp pizza pizza parlor!  Their full menu and full bar will satisfy all taste buds.  They have soup, salad, wings, hummus and pita, pasta, pizza, desserts and a fun kid's menu.  My favorite pizza is the Apple and Gorgonzola pizza - Apples, gorgonzola cheese and red onions are baked to perfection over garlic cream sauce. Finished with arugula, tossed in a hint of balsamic vinaigrette.  Yum!

They have added daily outdoor music under heaters and it's been very popular with the after ski and board crowd. They have happy hours specials and you can also follow them on twitter and Facebook. 

It is very popular and busy all of the time!

Dan's Preview-Review of Tahoe Homes for Sale
I am continuing to offer the "Dan's Preview Review" service for my clients.  If you find a Tahoe home for sale that you're interested in, contact me and I'll provide a video review with narration...it will be like you're there touring the house yourself! Many buyers are looking for a 2nd home and aren't in town to actually view it themselves. They are finding this service quite helpful in their search of real estate in South Lake Tahoe. 

Thank you, 

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