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In case you missed them, here are the most popular news and content shared over the last month on our social media channels - Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn - as well as a listing of free national webinars that are available this month.
A Selection of Upcoming Webinars from Around the Nation

Leadership 101: What Successful Leaders Do-and How They Do It 

Engaging Men Sexually Abused in Childhood


Medical Evidence in Child Sexual Abuse Cases

Screening & Treatment of Sexually Abused Children Using EBA 

The Elements of Influence: A Generational Assessment of Leadership and Power


Performance and Conduct Issues and the ADA 


Microlearning in Action: Small Bites, Big Impact 

We Found the Weapons of Mass Instruction: Why the Next Big Thing in Learning Is Micro 

 Safe Parking Program: Supportive Services for Transitional Homeless Families 

Post Reunification Supports and Prevention of Reentry 


Empower Employees to Say "I'm making a difference" - Employee Engagement and Emotional Intelligence 


Tribal Outreach, Prevention, and Intervention Strategies

Netflix Your Learning: How to Create Engaging Learning for a Picky Audience

The Trainer's Cookbook: Recipes for Learning Engagement Success


Voices of Kinship Caregivers 


How Early Trauma is being investigated- causes, biological sequelae, behavior problems, and management strategies.


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