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     Timely, Targeted News & Information from NCWWI  |  May 2016  |  Issue 19
New & Updated One-Page Summaries
NCWWI provides one page research summaries of seminal articles on child welfare workforce topics. This year, we updated all of the one-pagers that we previously developed with a new look, and are in the process of adding many more new summaries to the collection. Here are 10 new summaries:
MyNCWWI Library...Now with Abstracts

This winter NCWWI added abstracts to all of the resources in our MyNCWWI Library. These short descriptions will help you as you search for the best and most up-to-date resources on workforce development. When you visit the MyNCWWI library, you will notice that the title for each item is now followed by a 20-word description. If you would like to see the full abstract, simply click on "More Information" located under the product tag. As always, if you need assistance navigating the library, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Why the Workforce Matters Infographic Poster

We know the critical role that the child welfare workforce plays in the lives of vulnerable children, youth and families, and that child welfare workforce development efforts matter. Earlier this month, NCWWI disseminated a new infographic we developed that visually describes "why" the workforce is so important.  

Given the overwhelming response we received from the field about the variety of uses for the infographic, we have also created a poster-size version for you to display in your organizations.

We hope you will continue to share our infographic with others to educate and inspire your colleagues, constituents and community partners to invest time, attention and resources in developing the child welfare workforce.
Updated Workforce Reference Lists
We have updated the reference lists for each of the 17 topical areas on MyNCWWI. Here is a list of the newly added references, as well as links to the full lists below:
  1. Change Implementation Reference List
  2. Community Context Reference List
  3. Cultural Responsiveness Disproportionality Reference List
  4. Data-Driven Decision Making and Continuous Quality Improvement Reference List
  5. Education/Professional Preparation and University-Agency Partnerships Reference List
  6. Evidence Based and Trauma-Informed Practice Reference List
  7. Incentives and Work Conditions Reference List
  8. Job Analysis and Position Requirements Reference List
  9. Leadership and Management Reference List
  10. Mentoring and Coaching Reference List
  11. Organizational Environment Reference List
  12. Professional Development and Training Reference List
  13. Recruitment, Screening and Selection Reference List
  14. Retention Reference List
  15. Supervision and Performance Management Reference List
  16. Vision, Mission and Values Reference List
  17. Workforce Development Planning Process Reference List

Look for more resources and information coming your way this summer. If you have any questions, please contact


We look forward to continuing to support your workforce development efforts.


Warmly,Your NCWWI Team

The 6th webinar in our Mind the Gap series was held in March. You can access the recording of the Webinar and Learning
 plus supporting materials on our website: 

UP NEXT: Evidence-based Practices for Parenting Young Children in Child Welfare

The 7th webinar in our series will be held on June 9, 2016 at 3 pm ET. Register now for 
Recently, The Journal of Social Work Education published a special issue of articles highlighting innovative strategies in university-child welfare agency partnerships. 

Access the articles by clicking here or by clicking on the above image

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