National Child Welfare Workforce Institute - Learning, Leading Changing
We know that the child welfare workforce matters...
...and NCWWI has developed an infographic visually describing "why."  We hope you will display this infographic and share it with others to educate and inspire your colleagues, constituents and community partners to put time and attention to workforce issues.

Here are a few ideas for using this new infographic:  
  • Hang it on a bulletin board to remind all staff about why they are important
  • Submit it with a funding request for a new initiative addressing a workforce issue
  • Hand it out to visiting legislators
  • Provide it in an orientation packet for all new child welfare staff
What's your idea for using this infographic?  We'd love to know how you've used it. Please click here to submit your ideas.

Let's focus on the child welfare workforce as it will lead to better outcomes for children, youth, and families. 

The NCWWI Team