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Issue 10                                    Fall 2013
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Leadership Tool Kit Now Available


Learning & Living Leadership: A Tool Kit - NCWWI's latest product to help build leadership at your child welfare agency


The National Child Welfare Workforce Institute is pleased to share with you our latest product designed to cultivate leaders at all levels of a child welfare agency, from caseworkers and supervisors to managers and executives. 


Based upon our Leadership Model, the tool kit supports the transfer of competencies in our Leadership Model, and is applicable to any leadership development program.


The tool kit offers 90 activities and worksheets across 5 different domains to address 30 leadership competencies.  It also includes a detailed guide to implement the toolkit. We encourage tool kit users to craft a personalized leadership plan to develop the competencies most important to them in their work at their own agencies. 


To download this new resource, 


For more information on the practical application of our leadership model, view our recent webinar at https://vimeo.com/59687435 and stay tuned for future offerings to learn more about the tool kit and how it can support  leadership development in your agency.


Good luck in your journey to learn and live effective child welfare leadership!


Warmly, the NCWWI Team