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 March 2013
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Aeration & Thatching
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Just a quick application update:  We have completed all Spring weed grass control applications and are now applying our 1st turf application (fertilizer).  Our technicians have been finding a lot of crane fly larvae and will be inspecting each lawn on every visit.  If an application is warranted, we will contact you to schedule our spring curative control application.  
Aeration and Thatching 
We were recently notified by a current client that a company hanging yellow flyers on his garage offered a "Special deal" for aeration and thatching.  Unfortunately, he went for the "deal" and his lawn suffered a major setback.  This spring we had put down a pre-emergent for the weed grasses in his lawn to protect against geminating off type grasses. The aeration and thatching broke down our protective  barrier allowing for weed grass gemination.  The end result is there's nothing we can do until the weather warms then we can reseed to help the lawn recover from the damage.
So, Please Note: "DO NOT AERATE OR THATCH UNTIL April 15th" and please pass this along to your friends and neighbors.  

When your Family and Friends are considering at a lawn care providers, please have them consider the following:


Here is what sets us apart: 


  • Specializes in Turf grass Health!
  • Use Highest quality granular fertilizer, Kids and Pet SAFE, slow release!
  • Turf applications include "Macro Nutrients"!
  • Turf applications include "Micro Nutrients"!
  • Turf applications include Humic & Fulvic's!
  • Licensed by the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture!
  • Fully insured and Licensed for all applications!
  • Cares for the environment!
  • Practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM)!
  • FREE service calls and inspections on request!
  • Trucks and Technicians clean and professional!
  • Technicians always in uniform!
  • All paperwork clear and concise!
  • Right product at the right time, using the best application method! Take NO shortcuts!
  • Value you, your time and your property!


 When looking at other companies, and they answer "NO" to any of the above, it's time to say "YES" to the Grass Authority because we do it right!



Referrals Made Easy!


"Introduction of someone you care about to someone you trust"


Thank you in advance for your referrals.  We are always grateful and will not let you down!  Please give our name to anyone you feel would benefit from or be interested in our services.  Have your referral contact us via phone or internet and mention your name.  For anyone you know that takes advantage of a comprehensive program on or before April 1st, 2013 we will bumped up the referral to $50.00 credit to your account from our current referral credit of $25.00 (this is for a limited time only and expires on April 1st 2013.)
***********Your lawn care program this year could be FREE!!
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