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 February 2013
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Just a quick application update: As of today, we have completed most of the scheduled  Iron Applications. We will complete the remainder on our "pick up day" this week.  We will start Spring Lime Applications the week of February 4th. This application will raise the pH level of your soil and add beneficial nutrients such as calcium and magnesium.

Cranefly Larvaecranefly  

We are finding and treating for Crane Fly Larvae on lawns. On each visit to your lawn during the early part of the season our technicians are always inspecting for insect damage. We are on it! In the last three weeks we have noticed an increase in findings and activity. When the larvae move up in the soil and start feeding on your grass they get bigger and so do their appetites. They can cause severe thinning of your lawn very quickly.

We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM). To protect beneficial earthworms and microorganisms, it is our environmental policy to only treat for insects when required.

 Cranefly damage #1 2012 

These photos of crane fly larvae were taken after treatment

that you can forward to your friends, neighbors or co-workers to make them aware. When the population is large enough they can really thin out a lawn making room for moss, weeds and weed grasses. Now is the best time to treat for insects. Please pass it on!  

New Service for 2013:  Top Dressing / Lawn leveling with Compost / Pumice


We recently purchased a "Top of the line" topdresser that we will use to apply a custom blend of compost.  The composts is known as "Clay Buster" and will help modify your soil profile for better water management and increased microbial activity! This power driven unit will fit thru a 34" gate for back yard access and will apply the compost evenly across your lawn.  Compost is best applied after a core aeration and works even better with a seeding.  We will be sending each client a breakdown on pricing and details very soon. 


This same approach is also a great way to fix  "Dog Spots" or areas heavily damaged by mole activity.  This will also be discussed in our future correspondence.  Look for it soon!

Referrals Made Easy!


"Introduction of someone you care about to someone you trust"


Thank you in advance for your referrals.  We are always grateful and will not let you down!  Please give our name to anyone you feel would benefit from or be interested in our services.  Have your referral contact us via phone or internet and mention your name.  For anyone you know that takes advantage of a comprehensive program on or before April 1st, 2013 we will bumped up the referral to $50.00 credit to your account from our current referral credit of $25.00 (this is for a limited time only and expires on April 1st 2013.)
***********Your lawn care program this year could be FREE!!


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