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September 2012



 Just a quick application update: We have just started doing our late summer fertilization and will be spot spraying any weeds we find. 


The weather has gone from Hot Hot to cooler mornings and evenings.  With that we have encountered some lawns that have "Leaf Rust" this fungus spreads by air, water, shoes, and equipment. The turf will take on a yellow, red or brown appearance and powder on your grass blades that you will notice on your shoes.  The best way to help against this is to water infrequently but deeply and preferably in the morning. Avoid water in the evening because it will increase the duration that the moisture is on the leaves which increases the chance of the disease.


Also, MOLES!!!! Wow they are coming from all directions.  We are trying to stay on top of it with our trapping.  Give us a call if you need any help.

Fall Aeration
If you have an aeration on schedule with us, Please do not winterize your irrigation system. We will need to mark any heads that are in the lawn areas.  If the heads are on the edges of the lawn that is OK.   Aerations will be done in mid to late October. 

Pythium BlightPythium


 This was in our last email and wanted to point it out again. The warmer weather we recenty had cause some "Pythium Blight" disease show up on some lawns.  This is most severe when day time temperatures are above 90 degrees with humidity that persists into  the evening.  Our slow release fertilizer helps keep the grass healthy and better able to with stand "Pythium Blight" disease.  Night time watering can increase the leaf wetness period to lead to the disease.  Ensure that when mowing the lawn it is mowed at a high (2 1/2") level and dry, preferably in the morning allowing the grass blades time to heal.  Also, early evening mowing will increase the chance of pythium blight as will a dull lawnmower blade. (if you are seeing this, please give us a call).


Watering & Mowing News



A suggested watering schedule is Monday and Thursday in the A.M. one start time at 5:00 A.M. to supply 3/8" of water and one start time at 9:00 A.M. to supply 3/8' of water (3/4" total per/day 2 watering days per week = 1 1/2" of water weekly). 
If you don't have an irrigation controller, try watering one time per week.  Run the sprinkler to supply 3/4" of water, shut if off for 2-4 hours and then repeat the run time to supply the other 3/4" of water. 
The 1/3 rule! Never cut more than 1/3 of the grass plant at any one time!
This said, you should mow your lawn when it needs to be mowed, not on a set day of the week. 
Using your Grass Authority Mowing Gauge or a ruler.  Mow a small spot of our lawn, shut off the mower and measure the height of cut with the mower gauge.  Not the height of the mower deck!  Adjust the mower as required to set cutting height.  Grass in our area likes to be cut at
2 1/4" to 2 1/2".  Let your lawn grow to 4" and then cut (ie 1/3rd of the grass plant).


Remember, We love referrals and we want to help! Please forward this information to anyone you think may be in need of our services. For any referral that takes advantage of one of our comprehensive lawn care programs you will receive a $25.00 credit to your account. Your lawn care this year could be FREE!!



Leisa Aden

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