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June 2014

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SMC Energy Saving Vacuum Generation


POE GigE Cameras Reduce Cabling Effort


New Ultrasonic Sensor Family RU-U


 Oil-less Cabinet Unit Compressors


High-flow Couplings for Healthcare Industry

New ultrasonic sensor family RU-U
 New Ultrasonic Sensor Family
SMC Logosmc1Energy Saving Vacuum Generation 

Series ZK2 "All-in-one" vacuum ejector


The digital pressure switch with energy saving function cuts supply air when the pressure reached the desired vacuum reducing air consumption up to 90%.  


The ZK2 Energy Saving Compact Vacuum Ejector is an extremely versatile unit for vacuum generation. It is an "All-In-One" unit that includes the supply valve, release valve, vacuum break flow adjustment needle, suction filter and silencer. It can be used at a stand alone unit or part of a manifold of up to 10 stations. Optional digital vacuum pressure switch can be easily copied to up to 10 switches simultaneously. The ZK2 can also be configured to that it can be used with a vacuum pump system.


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Baumer Logo baumerPower Over Ethernet Reduces Cabling Effort
GigE cameras with resolutions up to 5 megapixel

GigE VisionŪ has become a standard in industrial image processing, providing a simple way of connecting industrial cameras to existing network systems using Gigabit Ethernet.   Thanks to Power over Ethernet (POE), Baumer is able to deliver a single cable solution for the GigE cameras as well as for the network components such as the trigger device, switches and injectors. In this case, the data and the power supply are both carried over a standard Ethernet cable.

PoE saves a separate power supply for the camera system, which makes the mechanical installation much simpler and results in noticeably lower installation and maintenance costs.

The TX Series are versatile digital matrix cameras using Power over Ethernet technology, Gigabit Ethernet interface and Sony CCD sensors with resolution ranging from VGA to 5 megapixel.
Turck Logo turckNew Ultrasonic Sensor Family RU-U 

Increased performance with fewer variants


The New RU-U ultrasonic sensors from Turck offer unmatched mid-range sensing.  The new ultrasonic sensor series with short blind zones and large measuring ranges reduces the number of variants required for sensing distances up to 300 centimeters.


The RU-U series offers three sensor lines with short blind zones and a long measuring ranges that can be taught directly on the sensor via pin 5 covering all requirements, regardless of whether analog or switching outputs are needed.  The high-end version also offers parameterization and communication via IO-Link.


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JunAir logo
Further reducing sound emissions of already quiet compressors

OF series oil-less rocking piston - ideal for laboratory, medical, dental, gas generation, beverage dispensing, and other applications where noise and long life are key requirements. JUN-AIR has introduced a new generation of compressors with few moving parts, which reduces the noise, vibrations as well as wear and tear. The reduced noise and vibration level makes it possible to place the compressor directly at the place of use.

The oil-less JUN-AIR compressors are available in protective metal cabinets. The cabinets reduce the sound emission from the already quiet oil-less compressor to a level that is approximately one quarter of the level of basic compressors. The cabinets are designed individually for each model with an aesthetic look and with usability, hygiene as well as easy maintenance in mind

turckHigh-flow Coupling Made of UdelŪ PSU for Healthcare Industry
Specialty polymers offers strength and high-heat resistance

The new 60PS series is a high-flow coupling made of UdelŪ polysulfone (PSU)resin from Solvay Specialty Polymers for healthcare and industrial applications. The 3/8-in (0.95 cm) diam. high-flow couplings are more durable and provide greater high temperature stability (up to 280°F/138°C) compared to competing thermoplastics like polypropylene (PP). 
The 60PS series features a new and improved panel mount design with a larger and more robust and reliable thumb-latch which makes the coupling more durable and easier and faster to use. The new coupling is also a replacement for brass in pressurized hot water applications thanks to UdelŪ PSU's compressive strength, high-temperature resistance, and autoclavability.

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