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 A Message from Our District President 
Bob Fedor - Chester County SCORE


It is with great pleasure that I have accepted the responsibility of President of District 303. I'm proud to have the opportunity to serve the volunteers of this district. 


With the current National Chapter of the Year and several other chapters that rank in the nation's top 10% as part of our district, we are celebrated as one of the best in the entire United States. Our district's scope of services and range of clients encompasses the full spectrum, and we have over 500 members and 14 chapters. The management of our volunteer organization is quite complex, so I hope to work cooperatively with all of our members to raise the district to an even higher level of performance. 


Because I haven't had the pleasure of meeting many of you before, I'd like to share a little bit about my background:

* I've volunteered with SCORE for six years - with the last two years as Chester County Chapter Chair.

* I have ten years of experience as a management consultant specializing in business strategy and M&A due diligence.

* I had spent thirty nine years as a corporate executive with global marketing, business development, and operations experience.

* I have Board of Directors experience at computer, distribution and electronics companies.
* My educational background includes a BS, MS and a PhD in Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Ohio.
* I moved from Ohio to PA seven years ago.



 My objectives while serving the District include:
* Making the most of our 500 members' strengths and talents in the best interests of our clients.
* Striving for balanced chapter performance with emphasis on nurturing long-term clients and facilitating success stories.
* Encouraging the use of the new national email counseling service and other virtual communication techniques.
* Ensuring the smooth adoption of the new "CORE" MIS system.
* Assisting all chapters in achieving a solid financial foundation that is less dependent on the unpredictability of SBA funding.


I believe now is an ideal time for SCORE to move to the forefront in starting and building new businesses. As an all-volunteer organization manned by extremely capable mentors, we have a decided cost benefit over our competitors. We can further amplify that advantage by engaging the wave of new retirees who are now looking for meaningful challenges and ways to give back to their communities. 



I'm looking forward to meeting - and working - with all of you to better understand the unique strengths and challenges each of your individual chapters face. Together, I know we can accomplish our objectives and expand on the success of District 303. 



Thank you for your service to SCORE!


Bob Fedor - District 303 President 

Time to Celebrate!
SCORE Reaches Year 50 of Serving the Small Business Community


October 2014 marks SCORE's 50th Anniversary and this next year will be one of recognition and celebration like no other. 

You may have already noticed that National has started raising awareness of this monumental achievement with 50th Anniversary messaging and images in its marketing efforts. 

Throughout the year, stay tuned for all sorts of activities and initiatives centered on our 50th anniversary and your contributions to entrepreneurs and the small business community. Find out more here!


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Chapter News & Best Practices
SCORE Email Mentoring Connects Busy Clients and Mentors. 
Boosts Chapter Counseling Metrics, too!


With juggling the demands of work and personal life, clients often find it challenging to carve out the time for face-to-face mentoring sessions. Many busy SCORE mentors share that challenge. 


That's where SCORE's new Email Mentoring system, launched in January 2013, can help. It's an ideal way for time-strapped clients to get the help they need, and it's the perfect fit for mentors who require more flexibility in how they counsel clients.

Within our district, the Delaware State and Chester County chapters have aggressively adopted the system - and they're seeing significant results. Read on to learn about their chapters' success with the system and to discover how Email Mentoring can help your chapter, too. 


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Fundraising Success:
It Takes a Chapter-wide Effort!


Although the recent government shutdown lasted a relatively short period of time, it gives us reason to consider a long-standing issue: We can't take federal funding for granted; every chapter needs to put effort into its own fundraising endeavors.


While having a specific team dedicated to organizing a chapter's fundraising activities, success depends on the involvement of each and every volunteer. Even small efforts can make a big difference. What can you do?


  • Tell your connections, colleagues, friends and family about SCORE's funding needs.    
  • If you're retired from a corporation, does that business have a foundation that makes contributions to organizations their retirees volunteer with? Does it offer grant opportunities?    
  • Be aware of and on the lookout for businesses and individuals in your community who have a passion for small business development. Introduce your Chapter's fundraising representatives to them.


When there's a personal connection between a cause and the prospective contributor, the likelihood of a donation increases. It's human nature. Please give some thought to how you can leverage your personal and professional relationships to raise awareness of SCORE's contributions to the small business community.


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What You Need to Know Now about the CORE CRM System Rollout


Rollout of the new SCORE CRM system (CORE) is approaching. As the phased rollout nears, check out this Q&A with SCORE Webmaster Amanda Capozio. In it she shares information to help you know what to expect leading up to and during the implementation. 




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Editor/Publisher: Dawn Mentzer 
In This Issue
SCORE Celebrates 50 Years of Service
Email Mentoring - Why to Consider It
Focus on Fundraising
CORE CRM Rollout
SCORE Values Strong as Ever
To Share with Clients
District 303 Leadership Roster

SCORE Values 

Still Strong, Still Making a Difference!

Given this monumental year for SCORE, we thought we'd revisit the values that have guided us in our endeavors to help the small business community over the past 50 years. 


Read the SCORE Values Statement here!

Whether you've seen the SCORE Values statement before or are seeing it for the first time, thank you for all you do to uphold what SCORE stands for.

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Good Stuff at
Strategies to Lower Credit Card 
"Swipe Fees" 
Online Workshop 

 While customers love the convenience of paying with credit cards, small business owners don't enjoy paying the fees associated with those transactions.

This free webinar available at gives entrepreneurs information to help them lower their bottom line cost of accepting card payments. 


Tell your clients about it so they can make the right decision when choosing a card processing provider.  


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2014 Chapter & District 303


With the beginning of SCORE's new fiscal year in October, we also have a new leadership roster for our district and individual chapters. Here's the list of those serving to offer their support and guidance to District 303 volunteers:
Bob Fedor - District President
Hugh MacMaster - Assistant District President
Lou Davenport - District VP Operations
Barbara Coffin* - President Reading
Larry Keating* - President Lancaster
Andrew Green - President Harrisburg
Antara Dutta* - President Delaware
Tom Ziemianski - Exec VP Delaware
Larkin Connolly - President Philadelphia
Carlton Raines* - President Lehigh Valley
David Stone - President North Central
Julie Poland* - President York
Rich DeFalco - Co-Chair Montgomery County
Phil Richmond - Co-Chair Montgomery County
Rich Blackwood* - Co-Chair Montgomery County
George Edwards* - Co-Chair Chester County
Jerry Francis - Co-Chair Chester County
Gene Murtha* - President Bucks County
Dick Heylmun - Co-President Pottstown
John Prutzman* - Co-President Pottstown
John Ralston - President Delaware County
Bill Evans - President Northeastern PA

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The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership. 


- Harvey Firestone 


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