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November 2015  �  Vol. 8  Issue 167
New Ventures!! 
My daughter Angela has just opened a new Ascension Product on-line gift store and I am including her information in this newsletter. She has access to some wonderful materials to assist us on our ascension journey, 
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The Adventure Continues!
by Peter Tongue
Last month I wrote about our fantastic pilgrimage to the Canadian Rockies and then I had a one day turn around before heading off to England for my nephew's wedding-my one and only blood nephew-my sister's son. I arrived on the Friday afternoon and the wedding was on the next day. I learned on my arrival that my sister still had our Mother's ashes following her passing three years ago and so we both tuned in and felt strongly that she would want to return to her homeland of Wales. She was born in a small market town just over the border in Wales called Abergavenny. We recalled that she had fond memories as a little girl of Sugar Loaf Mountain, spending time with her Dad identifying and collecting wild flowers on the lower slopes. I also learned there was another mountain called Skirrid Fawr which was considered a Holy Mountain and a St. Michaels Mount! Legend has it that the top of the mountain slid off on the day Christ was crucified signalling it as a Holy place. 

We traveled down to Wales after the wedding and did ceremony
on the banks of the River Usk that runs through the town with a clear view of both mountains. Two interesting observations were that as we put our blessing of flowers in the river, a black cow wandered into the river and stood there drinking and swishing its tail throughout the ceremony. There were many cows on the farbank but only this one wandered into the river. Also as we completed the ceremony, a broad rainbow band started drifting across the top of Skirrid Fawr-not a typical rainbow, but rainbow colours. A beautiful blessing. We had a real sense of completion not only for us, but for our whole lineage and our deep connection to the border country of England and Wales. We also went to a war memorial near our home town of Birmingham at the top of another power spot in the landscape called Barr Beacon. We were surprised to find flowers already in place here and so we just added ours to the blessing.

Weird synchronicities seem to keep coming up and now I have been given a ticket to go to a Rugby World Cup game to be played between Canada and Romania. I live in Canada and I am on my way to Romania and here they face each other in the heart of England. Of course I have to go and enjoy the match!

I had a few days to spare before going to Romania and so I decide to visit some sacred sites in the south west of England. I began on Wild Dartmoor and tracked the River Dart on its journey out to the sea in Dartmouth, a lovely picturesque harbour town with wonderful spectacular coastal walks.

Next I travel to some of my favorite old haunts including Glastonbury Tor, Chalice Well Gardens and Avebury. I have the wonderful opportunity to spend a day with Maria Wheatley, a Master Dowser, who had just visited Victoria. Along with Busty Taylor, renowned for taking many of the aerial photographs of the early crop circles, we go to Stanton Drew Stone Circle and Stoney Littleton Long Barrow. Two marvellous examples of these phenomenon in places you would never find without local expert help. Maria has written a book on the energy currents coursing through Avebury on the Michael/Mary ley line and so I spend the evening devouring the book before heading out into the Avebury stone circle the next day with a new level of understanding and appreciation for these incredible structures and their importance in the landscape. In the book Maria writes about the Uffington White Horse complex which is on the main north/south ley line running through England called the Belinas line. I feel called to go there before leaving the country via London. I was so glad I did as it again had a wonderful set of energies, a long barrow called Weyland Smithy, the White Horse and intersecting ley lines right in the Head of the Dragon where allegedly St. George killed the dragon. Certainly a powerful spot!

So what was my purpose in following up the Canadian Rockies pilgrimage by visiting these ancient power spots of Great Britain? The answer didn't come into my awareness yet, but I did know there was a purpose to all of this.

Off to Romania where I join a group of 11 Gene Keyers heading off into the mountains for a couple of days before the Venus Sequence Retreat. We are staying in a lodge at 4500 feet directly above the town of Sinaia where the Retreat is to take place. The first day we hike to this massive cave and I realize we are now repeating elements of our Rockies Pilgrimage going into the underworld to clear our shadow frequencies. The Gene Keyers know all about shadow frequencies and we do some atoning at the end of the deepest darkest tunnel where a beautiful pure sacred healing waterfall flows out of the rock. A different trail leads us up into this massive cavernous chamber with a staircase leading up to the very top. This was like ascending the mountain from the inside- a very cool experience!

The next day we plan to hike up 2,000 feet to the Sphinx Rock and Babeles at just over 6700 feet. It is a glorious crystal clear day and a demanding hike, but all eleven of us take on the challenge and all arrive safely. Pilgrimage always requires some challenge and discomfort and this ascension certainly fitted that although the energies of the rocks and the wonderful views made it all worthwhile.

So now we were well prepared for the Venus Sequence Retreat. Three hundred participants from all over the world including one hundred and fifty from Romania. The Conference Room was just about big enough to house us all, over the three days, as Richard Rudd and Andrew Fretwell expertly lead us through an understanding of the lines related to the spheres of the Venus Sequence. This is about transforming your significant one on one relationships in such a way that you take the emotional charge out of them, gaining a profound understanding of the frequencies involved and as a result being at peace in your life and with your loved ones. Many realizations and revelations resulted as we considered our most intimate partnerships!

It was on the last day that the realization came to me of what had been happening on this journey that began on the fall equinox on September 22nd and now concluded on October 18th, almost one month later. Line 6 in the Gene Keys relates to the Crown and Third Eye Chakras and is, in its highest expression, the highest ideal vision that we can have. The Line 1 highest expression is absolute certainty of life, safety, security, grounding. So combined together you create "Heaven on Earth!" Over the course of the month with people involved from all over the world from many different countries, we had been continually going up and down the chakras or lines. Into the underworld, up into the upper worlds, back into our middle world. Up to the top of the mountains, down into the caves, connecting the standing stones with the celestial realms, crawling through the underworld long barrows, climbing the Tor and so on and so on. Not only that, but we were also linking both the vertical axiatonal ley lines in North America and Europe, with the horizontal ley lines largely through the Michael/Mary line that runs through Canada as well as southern England. We were re-creating an open flowing energy network through both our physical journeying out in the landscape as well as our inner work through conscious connection, meditation, ceremony and the Gene Keys contemplation. Synarchy in action!

It has been a busy and exciting time and it feels as though we have just moved through a completion of sorts and now we are faced with a blank canvas on which we can indeed co-create Heaven on Earth! 
Photos courtesy of Shirley Jones,  Zia Cole 
and Ernie Von Boetticher