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October 2015  �  Vol. 8  Issue 16
New Website Launch!! 

The new Website is launched and I have had fantastic feedback. Please take the time to look it over and enjoy the new look and content! 


My new Gene Key counseling sessions are going extremely well in addition to the regular one-on-one counseling, and energy healing with Zia.  All sessions are available at a distance or in person if you live in Victoria.


Gift certificates will also be available, in case you would like to gift sessions to your friends and family!

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The Canadian Rockies: An Amazing Adventure at A Momentous Time!
by Peter Tongue

Our pilgrimage to the Canadian Rocky Mountains was the culmination of the last five years of working intensely with different landscape Temples and sacred sites from across the western world. Beginning with our own Landscape Zodiac in Victoria in 2010, and then expanding out to include other related zodiacs in Glastonbury, Rennes-Le-Chateau, and New Mexico.
This year we were blessed with the information James Tyberonn channelled about the activation of the Rocky Mountain chain all the way from South America to Alaska with two particularly significant latitudes corresponding to the Colorado Rockies (37)  and Canadian Rockies (51). Zia had already been feeling an overwhelmingly strong pull to go to Colorado and this just confirmed her intuitive knowing. Zia and I went to the Colorado Rockies in May this year to activate, anchor, and integrate the energies there and then offered the opportunity for others to join us on a sacred pilgrimage to the Canadian Rockies in September. 
We were aware of the powerful tetrad of blood moons culminating on September 27th, the importance of the Equinox on September 22nd/23rd, and the focus on the Archangel Michael on Michaelmas Day, September 29th.
We felt called to begin our journey in time to do our Opening Ceremony just before the Equinox at 4 pm on September 22nd and to do our Closing Ceremony on September 29th. When we initially planned this, we didn't know about the additional powerful X-wave energies coming in on September 28th. Just good fortune!?! 

So 12 of us set off in three cars from Victoria on Monday morning, September 21st, staying in Kamloops overnight, and arriving in Golden, BC for our Opening Ceremony at the Confluence of the Two Rivers, the Columbia and the Kicking Horse exactly at 4 pm. We already had a lovely rapport and relationship with a powerful group in Golden thanks to our dear friend and mentor, Starwalker (Star!)
Zia felt the merging of the two rivers in this location symbolically represented the merging of our two groups - the one from Golden and the one from Victoria. We arrived to see a number of cars lined up at our chosen spot and a host of locals waiting to greet us. We were absolutely delighted with the turn out - 27 in all, including our 12 from Victoria, 12 from Golden, and three from Calgary.
Zia led us in ceremony, welcoming the convergence of our two communities and creating a beautiful bread bowl bundle. She gave us each a flower to bless and then placed each one into the bread until we had a whole bouquet, then she topped it with other goodies for Pachamama (Mother Earth) to savour and digest through the water element of the two rivers. After she dispatched it into the Confluence, we toned and played instruments and crystal bowls to really anchor the energies and set our intentions for the week. It was a great start!
Starwalker had set out the Six-Pointed Star Grid of the Archangel Michael Temple a number of years ago and we were really fortunate to have her along with us on this part of the journey and to learn how her journey had unfolded.

The next day, we visited Takakkaw Falls, one of the highest falls in Canada and got right underneath the spray!  You can see the power of the falls and the presence of many elementals and angels through the orbs in the photo. A theme flowing throughout our journey was Gold and Rainbows and both were clearly demonstrated here.
Star then led us in an Initiation Meditation right under Michael Peak where her initiation in the Star Temple had begun. In the afternoon, we went to Emerald Lake and circumnavigated it, still under the powerful influence of Michael Peak. The magnificent scenery around the emerald waters even called for some members of our group to take the cold plunge in!

We were staying at Goldenwood Lodge under the care of Barbara who came to our opening ceremony and offered us wonderful accommodations for our stay in Golden.
The next day, we were off to Moraine Lake and Lake Louise. Atop the Rock Pile at Moraine Lake is my favourite viewing spot in the Rockies, and here Zia called in the Archangels one by one while playing the crystal bowl. This was a very special moment as each time she toned the name of an Archangel, the wind picked up and a rush of energy embraced us, almost knocking us off our feet! For many of us, working with the invisible realms has been very subtle, but not on this occasion. The Beings of Light were with us in full force. Star's name for this sacred place is the "Abode of the Angels" and we could see why. Another special moment occurred when we became aware of a Golden Door halfway up one of the mountain faces in this "Valley of the Ten Peaks". It felt like a portal into other realms and some members of our group were able to interact with it -amazing!  In the afternoon, we had a "crystal bath" in the flowing waters on the other side of the lake, feeling the joyful celebration of crystalline energies coming together for the first time.

According to Star, Lake Louise is the Chalice of Lady Faith, the beloved female partner of Archangel Michael, and it is a wellspring of divine feminine energies. We again toned and played the crystal bowl to attune to the sacred energies here overlooking the most magnificent lake, mountains, and Victoria Glacier as its perfect backdrop.
Next, thanks to our dear friend Angela, we had a wonderful opportunity to venture onto private property just outside of Brisco, visiting two ancient ponds which carry micro-organisms from the origins of time. While dipping their feet into one pond, members of our group experienced the Akashic Records of all that has ever existed through the memory of these ancient waters. These two ponds have this remarkable and unique blueness which gives the entire property a mystical feel. We are so close to Radium Hot Springs at this point that we decide to take a warm plunge to help us replenish and rejuvenate through the mineral and radioactive content of the springs.
Afterwards, we were honoured to have the opportunity to walk the Labyrinth outlined by quartz crystal rocks from the Blaeberry River which Star had devotedly established many years ago. The Labyrinth is itself a magical journey, but the quartz crystals and loving care that Star had taken to create it enhanced our experience mightily! Everyone had a profound experience here. Having completed our time in Golden, it was now time to move on.

It rained all night long during our last night in Golden and we woke to overcast skies, but as we headed off towards Lake Louise for our drive up to Jasper, the skies began to clear - but not before we experienced our first snow at the absolutely magical Peyto Lake. A short hike through an alpine forest with a fresh fall of snowdust provided a marvellous introduction to the pristine aquamarine lake some distance below us. Rain or shine, this lake glows in its own magnificence. Again some toning was called for at this memorable overview.
The Columbia Icefields stretched for hundreds of miles along our route and beyond to the west with a multitude of glacier tongues peeking out through the mountain passes, making for magical photo opportunities. The most famous of these is the Athabasca Glacier which, Star has intuited, is the "Crystalline Matrix of the Christos". Just imagine the highest frequencies of Christ Consciousness being "frozen in time" in this ice.  It is now being released into the water element of the planet as the glaciers melt. As Zia reminded us, we were here to deeply absorb these magnificent energies into every cell of our being. To emphasize this point, our next stop was Sunwapta falls, a raging torrent of freshly-melted snow gushing over the rocks - an exhilarating moment!
Our next stay is at Becker's chalets, 5 km short of Jasper and right on the Athabasca River. We are greeted as we arrive at our chalets by the biggest bull Elk any of us have ever seen with a magnificent rack of antlers. When I first saw him, I thought he was a statue; my mind couldn't accept that size - and then he moved!  It was rutting season -watch out! What a wonderful and powerful welcome for us all. 
The next day was September 27th and the day of the Blood Moon. We began by driving to Mt. Robson, the highest peak at just under 12,000 feet in the Canadian Rockies. It was socked in by misty cloud cover, but it didn't matter. We could feel the mighty power of the mountain and, as Zia led us in ceremony, she became the mountain. She and Robson were one and the same. We were experiencing portal openings on our pilgrimage, gaining access to the inner dimensions of the landscape and this was one of the most powerful of these doorways for many of our group.
Knowing the powerful nature of the two days to come, we set the intention to connect with this highest point in the Rockies, the crowning glory as it were, and then to plunge down from this peak experience into the depths of the underworld exemplified by Maligne Canyon, a deep canyon where over millions of years the flowing waters had steadily etched away at the softer rock, creating this deep, narrow, high-walled canyon. Here we each went on our own vision quest, facing our shadows and eking out any stuck or blocked energies deep within our being. Many noted the metaphor of the canyon experience with their own journey of self-discovery through the ups and downs of life.
Afterwards, Zia guided us in a fire ceremony just before the Blood Moon where we were able to release all of those energies that had come to the surface and set our intentions for our new fifth-dimensional life on the new Earth. This was a very moving ceremony and the friendliest fire I have ever experienced. As I washed my aura through the flames of the fire, there was a gentle warming, no burning at all. We headed home to the coziness of our communal cabin, put a log on the fire, and anticipated the arrival of the Blood Moon. No such luck. Cloud cover over the mountains prevented us from seeing the Moon until after the eclipse was over - shining bright silver once again, with only a hint of red. It didn't matter. We could feel the energy.
On September 28th, our second day on the X-wave energy influx, we began at Athabasca Falls where we worked with the power of the falls to clear out any final vestiges of dross from our systems. Here we did a beautiful "sweeping" ceremony, gently cleansing each other's energy fields with soft pine branches that Zia had dipped into the flowing glacial waters.  We followed this with cascading tones, tossing the branches into the river to feed Pachamama.  This was another powerful ceremony, this time back in the middle world of our existence, at the lip of the falls as they tumbled down below us. This was our final preparation before our Ascension into the ethers above Mt. Edith Cavell.
Edith Cavell is another immense mountain where you can hike a trail right up to the mighty mountain towering above you. After our descent into the canyon the day before, this was our symbolic internal and external Ascension Trail. A huge, hanging Angel Glacier met us as we reached the top of the trail where we joined in meditation with the chakras and the elements, focusing on air and ether, toning and tuning in with the crystal bowl. Another powerful moment! As we walked back down afterwards, a remarkable thing happened. I turned around to make sure we were all together and noticed what looked like brightly-coloured flames coming off the top of the mountain. We all turned to watch and were amazed by what we saw. Then the passing clouds started to glow with rainbow colours above the peak. This went on and on with some new colours appearing, ones that have no words to describe them. It felt like we were being given a blessing, a gift by the elemental beings of the ethers!
Now it was our final day, September 29th, leading into the most amazing experience of all. We were driving back to Lake Louise from Jasper to Paradise Valley, where we were to have our final ceremony.  It was Michaelmas Day. This has always been a special day for me as, like Starwalker, I feel such a close connection to Archangel Mikael. As we are driving along, we begin to see these energy clouds forming in the sky ahead of us. Some of us have seen these "gatherings" taking place before. A meeting of the invisible beings of light, coming to be with us for the final ceremony. One of these clouds in particular captures our attention as it becomes more and more defined until it becomes a very clear and obvious vortex of energy hovering over Mt. Temple, our final destination for the ceremony. Each time we round a bend, we see the structure over Mt. Temple, and our hearts expand to the point of almost being overwhelmed. We know this is a huge moment on our journey. It feels as though beams of energy are being sent down into our sacred meeting place and are waiting for our arrival.

We stop at Lake Louise for lunch and then arrive at the Paradise Valley trailhead at exactly 1:30 pm, our appointed time, to be greeted once again by a fine gathering of people. This time our number is 23, including Star, with many from Golden and others from Calgary, North Carolina, and even Venezuela - all called to be here on this day. We make our way in silent meditation for about 1km to the ceremonial site alongside Paradise Creek overlooking Mt. Temple. Zia has run ahead to start setting up an Altar that we all add our crystals and offerings to.  We all bless a crystal bundle that Zia has put together for the occasion and add candy sprinkles especially for Archangel Mikael. 

Zia calls in the angels once again with her crystal bowl and I guide us in meditation to co-create a clearing portal with the Archangelic realm - the last time this will ever be needed.  Afterwards, we all begin to tone as we offer the blessing bundle to the waters of Paradise Creek, the same waters that have flowed down from the Giant Steps at the Heart Center of the Archangel Michael Temple. 

We tone and sing and play instruments to connect with the land, sweet Mother Earth, the mountains, the water, the air, the fire, and the ethers - and it all feels like one HUGE celebration! We have arrived at our final ceremonial destination and this was the completion of our pilgrimage. Everyone on the trip had major breakthroughs in their awareness of themselves and their connection to all that is. This is just the beginning of a brand new journey, a new way of being, a re-birth for all - and it feels really good!
We stayed overnight in Revelstoke and made our way back to Victoria, arriving on the last ferry on the last day of September. We were all very tired but very satisfied by what we had accomplished as individuals and collectively. We are ready and committed to live life freely and effortlessly in the new wave of the crystalline 5th dimensional frequencies.
More to come next month when I will report back on the experiences in the mountains of Romania and the Venus Sequence Gene Key workshop.    

Photos courtesy of Joyce Paul and Zia Cole